the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Machine translate!

Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 - I assume that all separately taken details in the project of the estate are a whole. Perhaps, it - yet biological device, or the mechanism which is not represented by consciousness, or still something. It seems, it is necessary to solve. The oblong oval of your hectare is enclosed with an earth shaft with clay edges. The shaft is closed by some transparent material. Inside different plants, something has to be in them significant.

 - Volodya spoke, plants can be usual, vegetables, for example, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens different. Generally, everything that wants people to eat. But with an interval not less than eleven meters should be made beds, with a diameter of ninety centimeters. On beds it is necessary to plant plants from the taiga depth because they will not miss information of anti-reason. So he spoke.

 - Yes, will not pass. Thus, the perimeter is a cover.

 - Cover of what?

 - Everything, being in a cover. The greenhouse located on perimeter in which all necessary rooms for accommodation of the person and economic needs are entered looks beautifully and rationally.

 In several years need for a transparent dome will disappear. The main thing will remain what will get stronger under it. Our son pursued some unusual aim. It fenced off estate space from harmful influence of an antiworld, anti-reason, the most powerful fence what only itself can imagine. The most important role in this fence is played by not clay walls and a transparent dome, and plants in a construction. They will make psychological impact in itself, and will help you to counterbalance directly in themselves contrasts.

 - How they will help to counterbalance with me contrasts? Some mysticism or magic.

 - There is no mysticism or magic here, Vladimir. More likely, science which at you is called psychology. Imagine, you drive up to the estate, from far away see white walls of a lodge from your childhood, and it at once causes in you positive emotions. Then you go out of the car and walk, once again mentally clean off from yourself negative information. Before you gate swing open, and your look covers live magnificence of space of your family estate which never to cease to be surprised and admire. It, unlike a lifeless picture, will always be a miscellaneous. New flowers on beds and trees blossomed, new play of light or stir of flowers under the influence of a breeze every time will fascinate you. Then you will want to look that occurs in a fence, and you will enter it, its fine live variety and air completely will distract you from negative information of an antiworld.

 - Yes, it is really healthy. The estate also a role of the personal psychologist will carry out and and very effective. You are right, Anastasia, at every time when I even after three-four-day absence come back to the country house, every time it is interesting to look that changed in a garden, on beds and in the greenhouse.

 The estate about which you speak not to compare to a country house, it, of course, much more effectively. One bird on the bank of a pond of what costs. It it is necessary to think up it, everything began with a usual bath, and ended with a magnificent and functional sculpture. I understand now, it will make strong psychological impact too.

 - Of course, Vladimir, will be. And when you will only cross a house threshold, the bird will meet you and when you light fire, and then will enter her to warm up a body and soul.

 - Tell, Anastasia and why you so pricked up the ears or frightened when Volodya began to tell you about a mirror construction in the center of the estate?

 - Walls of a white hatka from your childhood, the greenhouse on perimeter with a live organism inside, a bird from the earth, with the burning heart, seeking to carry away into the sky of the person... Perhaps, it more perfect analog... The mirror in the center reflecting heavenly bodies...

 Anastasia got up and, accurately pronouncing words as she always did when spoke about something important, said:

 - Our son Vladimir created the model... He constructed the biological interplanetary ship.

 - What??? - I was surprised. - You are sure, Anastasia?

 - Yes. I am sure. Perhaps, his others need to call the word, the word it is not known to me so far. But I am sure, functional mission of what we saw teleportation of space together with the people who are in it.

 The person who will build the family estate, using elements of this project, can undoubtedly build the world on other planet, and this world will be beautiful.

 In the center of the estate a part of the device by means of which it is possible to transform (to psikhoteleportirovat, move) space with all its contents on other planets and to other worlds is located. Part... And where... I understood, Vladimir. Before us the model of the beautiful family estate and at the same time before us the model of the perfect interplanetary ship. It is capable to move with a thought speed. In one moment to reach the Moon, Mars or Jupiter.

 The distance for it does not matter at all. It overcomes distance in one meter and distance in millions of light years for the same time. It is capable to move people to any planet of Solar system and out of its limits.

 - But, Anastasia, scientists proved, on others, at least the next, planets there is no life.

 - So I told, Vladimir to psikhoteleportirovat space with all its contents, including the habitat of everything living in this space. In other words, this estate can be transferred, tell more precisely, this estate can be copied and placed on other planet.

 - And the people living in the estate will be moved on other planet too?

 - And people including if they are at the time of transferring to the estate.

 - But if on other planet there is no fertile soil, heat three hundred degrees or is cold to minus hundred degrees?

 - When the space teleports, on the planet there is a similarity of explosion which result is ensuring existence of new space.



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