the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 - Improbable information, Anastasia. Even it is difficult to believe that the person has such opportunities. Perhaps, you are mistaken in the assumptions?

 - It any more not assumptions, Vladimir, and I нисколечко am not mistaken. Before this information was not in the Universe. Now it appeared. But the main thing, this information are accepted also by a part of the first civilization of mankind which is in me and in you, as well as in each person exists too.

 - You know, Anastasia, I begin to understand only now, these three words of the Universal law how are grandiose: To IMPROVE the HABITAT. It turns out that the person can improve Wednesday to such an extent that will become god. Having moved to another, the planet which is not made habitable yet, the person will create life there as God on the earth made.

 - God of people, Vladimir, will never become. Each person - the son Boga or his daughter. And God, the creator and the parent, wanted that children were more perfect than it, and they will such surely, will be! In itself having counterbalanced anti-reason with Reason.

 - This is also the real scientific progress. It new to mankind will open an era - the voice of the grandfather who imperceptibly approached us was distributed.

 Anastasia got up. Her grandfather who is turning gray, but with a direct bearing the aged man, stood, leaning on a staff, and looked thoughtfully at the coast of the taiga lake.

 - Dedulechka, you speak about the Volodiny project? - asked the grandfather Anastasius.

 - Yes what here to say when enlightenment occurs. In the millennia scientific it or they, not important, turned the living doctrines of the Messiahs, stars into incoherent babble. It showed possibilities of the people living on Earth. He the person created a new image. Or returned the one who the son Boga was called. As God, capable on lifeless planets life will create more perfectly terrestrial.

 - People hardly will be able to believe in similar - I noticed to the grandfather.

 - And let someone does not believe that from that? Disbelief in the power not believing that it will leave? Birth? Yes! But for what? Kohl is farther life senseless, death. And further again question; was born day of what?

 Doctrines the set for millions of years existed. In total about one that the mankind expected something from someone. It also expected, a thought having locked the and reason. Did not think why and for what the Universe over the person lights stars.

 - And what now? Our son the Messiah will become? - with bitterness Anastasia said. - It will be difficult for it to resist arrogance. Besides the anti-reason will start looking for it.

 All became silent and for some reason at the same time turned towards the estate model. Volodya the sure and at the same time quiet gait went to us. On hands it carried Nastenka. She embraced him handles for a neck and nestled a cheek on his cheek. Volodya stopped few steps away from us, delivered on the earth to Nastenk. Bowed to all and started talking:

 - Mother, you do not worry, mother, I know if I become the Messiah, to me people will direct the thought with hope. So, the thought not completely to creations will be directed.

 - What did you decide to make, Volodya? - asked the son Anastasius.

 - I need to go. In human crowd I, mother, will be dissolved by insignificant.

 After these words Volodya to everyone in turn looked in eyes. At me the thought flashed that it was going to leave forever. And when he looked at me, I told:

 - Thanks to you, the sonny, for the extraordinary, wonderful project of the family estate. It will be the best gift to my sixtieth anniversary. And in general the best gift in sixty lived years.

 - The father, this project not only for you a gift. I give it to all readers of your books. Let take from it everything that will want.

 - Let for all. Means, and for me including.

 - To you, the father, I want to give a separate gift. At these words Volodya dipped a hand for a bosom, took something there and gave a hand to me. I watched how slowly and carefully it unclenches fingers, opening the gift lying in his hand. But when Volodya unclenched fingers, on his palm nothing was. I looked at the grandfather, then at Anastasia, trying to understand with their help what means gesture of the son and as to me to react to it, but they were silent.

 - Take, the father, my gift to you - Volodya repeated.

 I continued to stand, without understanding as it is possible to take what you do not see. Suddenly Nastenka approached me, took by hand and carried away to Volodya. Having approached the son, I stretched the hand to his hand. It something invisible is careful put in my palm.

 It, invisible, pulsed and slightly warmed a hand. I squeezed fingers and put a gift to yourself under a shirt where and at Volodya it was. All body shrouded gentle and unusual heat.

 - It will live in your house, the father and when you construct estate perimeter, ask it to fill space.

 Volodya low bowed to all and, having turned, began to leave confident steps, then disappeared suddenly behind bushes or in space was dissolved. And all of us stood as if zavorozhyonny and when he looked to everyone in the face and when was removed, all of us only silently looked to it following. Then I told:

 - Anastasia, I had an impression that our son left us forever.

 Without having heard any answer, I turned to Anastasia. She looked in that party where Volodya left. Her body shivered. From a lower lip a thin stream scarlet blood flew down. It bit a lip not to cry. I understood. Means, the anti-reason will hunt for the son, as well as for Anastasia and me. I saw how contracted in fists of a hand of Anastasia. The taiga stood. The space was filled by some unknown sound similar to a rumble from something huge. There was an impression that the huge space contracts and, having unclenched, can sweep away everything from the earth.

 I already witnessed to the similar phenomenon when I fainted, trying to seize Anastasia against her will and when wanted to hit it with a stick for the fact that did not agree to give me the son on education. Every time as soon as it began, Anastasia raised up a hand as if she waved to someone greeting, and everything calmed down even before emergence of a sound. But now the sound all accrued, and she did not raise a hand up. And I did not want that it lifted it, on the contrary, there was a wish that this unknown and powerful rumbled and washed away all dirt which collected on it from the earth.

 But Anastasia raised a hand. The space began to calm down.

 Before leaving from a taiga clearing I came to the coast of the lake again. One stood and looked at the estate model created by the son and represented it in reality, on the hectare which so far overgrew only a tall weeds. Here I drive by the car. I see two white walls with windows from the happy childhood. Automatically gate swing open, opening a tableau vivant of internal furniture, and I go to an entrance to the house. Stop! What do I do it? I drive the growling car on all magnificence! On the house! Back!

 I leave the car at an entrance. Gate swing open, I wipe footwear, I try to erase dirt of other world from soles. Then I take off footwear, I leave it at an entrance and I go barefoot on the wonderful world to a pond where swans swim. Nearby the dog and a cat run. In the distance, from a corner, the rooster greeting crows, and from another - the nanny-goat bleats. And at a pond, on sand, my grandsons and great-grandsons construct models of the family estates. And the beloved with unfading beauty will leave a garden, will smile to me and greeting will wave with a hand.

 When darkens, and in the sky stars will begin to appear, all windows of the oval room will light up joyful light. Lamps in the greenhouse will flash, showing to stars the live magnificence growing in it. Stars will think: "There, on Earth, an unusual luminescence very small point, only one hectare in size shines, but light caresses it us". Stars do not know yet what such points on Earth will be soon more and more. And all Earth will be lit by fertile light and will treat kindly it Universal open spaces.

 I resolved to turn the estate model created by the son into reality. And maybe, it is good that I got hectare with the infertile soil and the water which is long not descending on spring. And I will take and I will make its soil fertile, such on which trees in a garden and flowers will blossom. I will improve the habitat in this place.



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