the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 Hi, Volodya.

 I do not know where you now therefore decided to write you the letter through the book. Sometimes I write you letters, but I do not represent where to send them. Published in the book, I think, you will read. The book over many countries disperses, it as if live, finds different people and you, maybe, too will find.

 In September, 2009 I started creation of the family estate on your project. I do not know who will live in it. Perhaps, you will want, or Nastenka when grows up. There has to come soon time when do not interfere with it as you, representatives of anti-reason. Perhaps, my granddaughters will want to live here or great-granddaughters. The moment when I felt urgent need came to embody in reality you designed.

 I plowed up the hectare the tractor and seeded on it rye winter. Hands itself scattered grain, and neighbors helped me. The shaft earth made the excavator on all perimeter - meter in height and one and a half in width. This year not to manage to make walls of clay, rains began also cold weather. I will begin to build them on spring. But also from made this year my hectare changed, it only on perimeter is enclosed with an earth shaft, and rye ascended instead of former weeds. Even it seems to me that it is a little bit set before the next hectares.

 This year I managed to dig out a pond, with a diameter of thirty meters, and in the spring it will be filled with water.

 Still bought saplings of different fruit-trees. So far put them on the site of the country house. I plan to transport them in the estate next fall.

 It is necessary to decide in the winter how to make your fiery bird. To mold it from problem clay, I think, special will not make, but how to burn then that rains did not wash away. Not only that it under three meters high, so still wingspan of meters twelve turns out. Here came to my mind that it is necessary to mold it from clay, and then to saw on a part and to burn at the plant then to bring together again fiery bird in the estate on the bank of a pond. Or to make at first of a brick a framework, then to cover with clay.

 I showed to friends your creation, drew them just the capsule from clay with fire inside, explained how it is possible to get warm, be treated in it or just to sit on the street before fire with friends, as at a fireplace indoors. And they wanted to construct at themselves something like that too. You represent how they when they learn that it is not just the capsule in which it is possible to warm up a body will admire and to be treated, but also a beautiful bird with the burning heart inside.

 How you could create such miracle?

 Anastasia assumes that you are helped by people of the first terrestrial civilization. If this is so, then why not to help them to all who started construction of family estates? However, on the other hand, time you presented the project to all readers, it turns out, they also helped all.

 still Anastasia said that yours, Volodya, the project of the family estate - at the same time is the project of the biological interplanetary ship operated by a thought of the person, and a mirror in the center at the same time the navigator and a start button. This great and fine message to mankind from unknown to modern people of a civilization. On other planet there is it or in another dimension, not important. She entered communication with modern people including language material. And the modern community of people is on the threshold of the greatest and finest transformations.

 When Anastasia told it, I did not experience up to the end the importance of her words yet. But then, reflecting, came to the conclusion that it is completely right. You know, Volodya, in society a lot of talk on unidentified flying objects, newcomers from other planets is carried on, there are many treatises the various, allegedly written great teachers and where from them result concrete?

 Nothing changes as people went the way to a sad outcome, and continue to go. Even the picture was submitted to me.

 There are people along the road, and somebody dressed up stands on a roadside miraculously to emphasize the singularity, and shouts:

 - I am a newcomer, I am a newcomer, the representative of great forces.

 - Well and that from that? - people speak to him. - With what welcomed? If the representative of great forces, then remove from Earth drug addiction, prostitution, wars, and diseases different too remove.

 - You do not understand, I am a newcomer...

 But were not interested in him people, only one person also approached it.

 - Time you are a newcomer great, you, probably, will not complicate hundred rubles to give me on a vodka bottle?

 And in reply:

 - I am a great newcomer, I should be listened, sheltered, fed, even on hands to carry.

 Here, approximately, such background at all "newcomers" visiting the earth.

 In a case with your project, Volodya, all in a different way.

 You did not ask anything for yourself, offered simply: "If you look, people if it is pleasant to you, then take and be happy".

 And when you left, Volodya, she understood not at once, long and attentively considered your model of the estate. Already then thought that there is a close interrelation of its separate parts, details, and all together they represent no other than the interplanetary biological device capable in a flash to move the person together with his habitat on any planet.

 On perimeter of the estate the heavy-duty biological cover of this device settles down. The fiery bird is programmed on cleaning of viruses. The internal arrangement of plants, their list speaks about eternal life support living in this device. A subject with mirror water no other than the start button including the biological program.

 The propeller at this device unsurpassed on the power power, it outside such definition as speed of the movement because in its basis there is not mediated human thought. It is right?

 still Anastasia said that all technocratic inventions have a biological analog - more precisely, on the contrary - and this biological is much more perfect. And we, making a start from achievements in space exploration and in the field of computer technologies, we define value of your separate details. I think, readers programmers will understand more in what you made.

 But here what confuses me, Volodya. Perimeter - a cover. A fiery bird - the clearing anti-virus program. A mirror with torches in the center - a start button. I will make all this, maybe, and still someone will make. And instructions as to use all this, no. Instructions that the person did not break the device are always attached to all devices or to itself did not damage. And here such serious biological equipment, and without instruction. The person can unintentionally make something with a start button, and the family will wake up, without wishing that, on other planet. Will want to return and as - do not know.

 I bought a mirror octahedral and torches. On the site of a country house, in the evening, put this mirror on the earth, lit torches around, very beautifully it turned out. But, I think, it is unsafe to do in the fall in a garden. Such feeling was when watered a mirror as if trees try to recover. And they cannot come to life late fall.

 It is a pity that it was not succeeded to talk more to you, Volodya and to ask on mission of this device for what it and how to use it? Perhaps, readers will be able to solve or I will think later when I place it on the hectare.

 And still, Volodya, I have a problem. It is necessary to formulate the clear and laconic address to the mighty of this world in the different countries. Address purpose: to urge each of them to take feasible measures to improvement of the habitat on the earth. Made different versions of this address, but all the time it seemed that it is possible more simply, well, more convincingly. Here the last, can be it will approach? How you think?




 Misters, I wrote a series of the books united by the name "Ringing Cedars of Russia". Many readers of these books, people of different age, a nationality, religion and the social status, buy for the families on hectare of the land and equip on them family estates. Among them there are candidates and doctors of science, as well as simple workers. Most of these people have the higher education and serious life experience. Each family separately and all together they create the habitat which is most acceptable in every respect for themselves, the children and future generations. In Russia and neighboring countries these people without any state support already created more than hundred fifty settlements consisting of family estates. Among them is big, to three hundred families, and small, formed by ten-fifteen families.

 How many they, united in small groups, and in the majority alone take similar actions in other countries where my books of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series are published, I do not know. But they are, and their quantity steadily grows.

 Misters, in the world a lot of talk on need to improve an ecological situation on Earth is carried on. In certain regions this situation already acquired the status of critical and threatens with planetary accident. Not one year meetings and symposiums at the level of the governments of the different countries, the UN and various public organizations are held. Where though some visible result, misters? The ecology of Earth continues to worsen.

 Only people, founders of the family estates, make the real actions directed to improvement of the habitat of the person.

 Misters, I do not ask you to discuss advantages or shortcomings of my books, me personally.

 I ask to consider the idea from a position of reason. And if you, relying on modern science, can oppose nothing any more effective to it - to realize its essence and to accept.


 Whom it is concrete to address with this message, I do not know.


 And I wanted to raise one more serious question. I often think of it. I try to find a way out. The matter is that with yours, Volodya, the relation to life and understanding of an essence of life it will be difficult for you to find the bride understanding you the girl.

 You, probably, already know, many girls since young years dream to become the actress, the model or to marry the wealthy man, to go to resorts, to have houses servants. If you suddenly like such girl who was not reading books and nothing hearing about family estates - the love is unpredictable - you do not try at once about the estate to tell it, will not understand. And here when I will make the estate on your project, you bring this girl and show her this estate. When you approach it, you tell the girl that it yours, enter with her in the estate. Through a door of a white hatka enter. The key from a door will always lie in that place where the grandmother left it. Also show everything that there will be.

 Anastasia said that when the woman sees more perfect habitat, than that in which it was earlier, in it desire to give birth to the child and an inclination to the man concerning by this Wednesday wakes up at once.

 If you, Volodya, feel such desire in the girl, can be sure - she will fall in love with you surely and last senseless inclinations will leave her.

 And still interesting question: the person, having moved to other planet together with space of the family estate and founded life on this planet, assimilates to God. It is logical because he should create the new world on the new planet. Being a son Boga, it has to have and not smaller, than at It, abilities. But not just to repeat the Father, and to create more perfect habitat. Then to what degree there has to be perfect and beautiful an earth's environment of dwelling of this person - his family estate? Probably, still many opening will be made by people in improvement of earth's environment of dwelling. But already now it cannot wait to see in what supernal loveliness the women living in this environment how their worthy men will look will differ?


 Thanks to you, the sonny, for a gift. I am sure, with its help the new era in development of Earth and the mankind living on it will be open. Against the background of the opened prospects of the future becomes very ridiculous, than people - the people who forgot who are they such were engaged in the millennia.


 And your sister Nastenka, Volodya, often comes to your model, plays in it. Anastasia told me about antecedents of Nastenka, about that when she was called Anast.


 So far all. Longish the letter turned out, and told not everything that wanted.

 Be careful. Take care, Volodya.


  Yours faithfully to you, your father




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