the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 - Much know that our primogenitors sought to define mission of all creatures living on Earth. Having made it, they taught animals as it to become the most useful to people. Animals trained then in it the posterity, thus our generation, as well as any of previous, received a great gift from ancestors. And we, in turn, have to not only use it, but also improve abilities of all terrestrial creatures living around us. Our generation is faced by a task to define mission of those creatures for which it was not made by our primogenitors. - At these words Wood pulled out from under a shirt already and continued: - For example, to understand for what reptiles are created as they could serve the person.

 Attendees looked at Wood who twisted a hand already and were silent. The first raised a hand, asking the floor, the red-haired boy of years of five. Wood allowed it to speak.

 - I saw - there began a boy - as this snake or same crept up to our horned goat and sucked milk from an udder. The goat stood still, so she agreed to give her the milk.

 - Yes, already and other reptiles can suck milk at cows or goats, you truly noticed it, Izor. But we try to solve a problem now in what to the person there has to be an advantage of existence of this creature - Wood reminded the audience.

 - Yes, I remember about our task - continued red-haired - I remembered how he drank milk and thought that it is necessary to do at this creature a hole in the party, opposite to the head - let he sucks milk, and the tail with a hole in a jug will lower that it was filled with milk. Then mother should not milk a goat.

 From all directions the dissonant chorus of children's voices was heard:

 - The hole cannot be made...

 - It is not necessary a hole, it will be sick creatures!

 - Milk from a hole will not pour down if the creature itself does not want.

 - The main argument against a hole - pain which will feel - was summed up by Wood - and the person should not hurt terrestrial creatures. Your offer is not accepted, Izor.

 Wood wanted to turn to the following question, but the red-haired boy did not give up.

 - If the hole in the tail cannot be done, then in a different way it is possible - he declared. - When this creature sucked milk at a goat, became more and more thickly. It because turned out that milk in it much. It is necessary to accustom a creature this to the house with milk to come crawling and merge it in a jug. Then it is not necessary to people with jugs behind milk to go to a pasture, and dairy animals should not leave pastures to houses that they were milked. Many different creatures to houses will creep and as will see a jug empty, will fill with milk it.

 Children liked the idea of the red-haired boy, and they in eager rivalry began to make the additions to it.

 - And still it is possible and in the distance from the house to take milk from them if it wants to eat, and the house far.

 - It is necessary to accustom to creep them on some sound with milk to the person. Not to look for them in a grass. Clapped, say, in palms or whistled, and they - creep at once to the person competing in speed.

 - And I do not want to drink the milk, from snakes extorted, maybe, they will add something special to it - one girl shy noticed. But all began to argue with it at once.

 - So the cow too inside had milk, and all drink.

 - If they also add that the, then will be even better. They, these creatures, always pure, though on the ground creep.

 - Yes, definitely, they always clean, I never saw the soiled snake.

 Izor listened as children discuss his offer, and even reddened with pride.

 - Your second option, Izor, deserves attention - Wood praised the boy and added: - In more detail we will discuss your second option next time, and till that time all will think and will express the opinion or will offer own option of use of creeping creatures. Now I want to ask you what mission for animals known to you is already defined. Who is ready...

 Wood did not finish speaking. He saw the lifted Anasta's handle turned into his party by a palm. This gesture meant that the girl with something does not agree and intends to state the protest to attendees.

 - State the protest, Anasta - Wood resolved.

 - I against delivery of milk to houses creeping creatures.

 Children, one by one, began to object Anasta:

 - But why?

 - We should not refuse conveniences!

 - Creatures now for the person do nothing, and here they at business will be.

 - People have more time something pleasant will be engaged, but not to milk cows.

 Anasta quietly listened to objections and continued:

 - If creeping creatures bring milk from a cow to the person, then the person himself will turn into a cow.

 - What do you tell, the girl? Explain - one of the adults who were present at a lesson did not sustain.

 And Anasta continued:

 - The person receiving from a cow, either a goat, or a camel or still somebody milk, in exchange gives to an animal the attention and feelings. If it does not take milk from a cow itself, and she will not feel its attention, then and milk will not be such good. The feeling will give thanks of people to the creeping creature, receiving from it snake milk. The snake will get up between a cow and the person. Between all creations and the person she will be an intermediary. She will tempt the person with the tempting service and will milk him, exhausting those fertile feelings that are intended to all creatures terrestrial.

 In thoughtfulness all some time were silent.

 In Wood's imagination suddenly there was a picture: the branchy apple-tree covered with the ripening fruits. It is faced by the man and the woman. The woman speaks:

 - Look, darling, one apple already ripened, it is very beautiful. Yablonka wants to present it to us. Reach a branch, incline it and break the ripened apple.

 The man tried to reach a branch, but could not. He wanted to jump up to get a branch with the apple which ripened on it, but at this time on a branch the snake appeared. It broke apple and, having caught a tail a branch, obligingly overhung, stretching a fruit to the person.

 - Thanks to you, creeping - the person told and stroked a snake.

 The man and the woman moved away from a tree, without having thanked it. They gave fertile energy of the feelings to a snake. The apple-tree shuddered, and a half of fruits still unripe fell to the ground.

 And Wood broke the come silence:

 - Your protest, Anastochka, deserves attention too, and it partially is accepted. All of us need to comprehend replacement of direct link with mediation between the person and everything growing and living on Earth. To think to what it can bring in the future. I believe, at the following lessons we will return to this subject. And now - and he looked round all audience - as we also agreed, I ask to call what missions exist at animals familiar to you.



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