the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 - I, I - impatient children's voices fell down.

 - Well, well - Wood nodded - you say in turn, and let everyone call no more than two missions of animals.

 Children in turn jumped from places and quickly spoke:

 - The cow, a goat milk, they eat a grass and every day come to the person that he took from them milk.

 - Burros, a horse are intended to carry the person when he does not want to go the legs.

 - Hens and ducks somewhere go, somewhere fly, but nearly an every day come back and put eggs that the person came and took away them.

 - The mammoth is necessary to lift weights and to shift or transfer them to that place which will be specified by the person...

 Children spoke already on the third circle, seeking to mention mission of all animals known for it. At last Wood asked a new question.

 - Who can answer in what cases different animals work together and in what way of people operates them?

 - It is possible I will tell - the same red-haired boy addressed attendees and, without having heard an objection, looked at Wood. That nodded in agreement. - Animals begin to work together when the person wants to build to himself the house. The person animals by means of a musical pipe operates. At first it plays a draft melody, and to it different animals come and birds fly. Having come, they sit down from it nearby and wait, so they were taught by our ancestors. Having finished a draft melody, the person tenderly looks at animals and bows to them. And all animals who have tails joyfully wag them when the person looks tenderly. And who cannot wag tails, express the joy in a different way because for all animals the most pleasant when the person tenderly looks at them. Then the person makes other sound on the musical pipe. From group of animals bears run out at once and begin to dig in the earth a transheyka in that place which the person noted branches. When the person considers that it is not necessary to dig a transheyka any more, he makes other sound on a pipe, and bears come back to the places. Mammoths stack on a new sound in the transheyka dug by bears, stones. All this time over the chosen place is turned many swallows, they with big impatience wait the melody. And as soon as the person will play on a musical pipe their beautiful melody, swallows scatter in all directions and right there over and over again come back: they bring in the klyuvika small pieces of the earth, straw, fuzzes - all what and for themselves build nests of, and stack brought on stones, the house wall will not turn out yet.

 The boy became silent, and Wood saw how again there was from the place Anasta and raised a hand with the palm turned to it. Wood allowed Anasta to speak.

 - The teacher Wood, I want to ask you whether construction of the house and interesting business is found very enjoyable?

 - Yes - Wood answered - of course, this very pleasant and creative action of the reasonable person.

 - The teacher Wood, why then in this pleasant business it is strictly forbidden to be engaged to children?

 Wood knew about obsession of Anasta to construct the small lodge. She houses started more than once about it a conversation with Wood, but he patiently explained to her why children are not allowed to build houses. Now it I Will be set the question in the presence of children and adults. Obviously with an ulterior motive set. "She thought up something" - Wood watchfully solved and began to answer:

 - Children, especially those who not up to the end comprehended a universe essence, having taken a pipe and having played on it, can involuntarily distort a melody, and animal builders will become puzzled and will not know what to do.

 - The teacher Wood, it is possible I for you I will show something? - Anasta asked.

 - Yes, if it is connected with your question.

 - It is connected - Anasta answered and started singing. Very quietly started singing. The thin voice it removed different melodies, those that at construction was played on a pipe by adults.

 - She was never mistaken - one of the elders who are present at a lesson quietly noted.

 - Yes, was not mistaken - another agreed.

 - And she heard a melody only time - that elder emphasized that he sat on the tumbled-down tree in the last row. Also added: - The girl has a good memory.

 Having stopped singing, Anasta asked Wood:

 - The teacher Wood, I made at least in one melody a mistake?

 - You, Anasta, did not distort a melody, reproduced them in accuracy.

 - Then the first obstacle is removed from me?

 - Let's consider, it is removed - Wood recognized. - But there are also other conditions. As an exception someone from children can allow to build the house. It can occur if this someone, in this case someone from you, tells about the mental project, and elders recognize this project as an innovation. Then they as an exception and for an example can allow construction of the house.

 Wood, having felt that there was very favorable situation and he can make active creative thought of the children who are present at a lesson, told:

 - I suggest everyone to submit the project through two moon. At first we together will discuss all projects, we will choose the best, and then we will suggest elders to consider it and to pass the decision.

 Wood was not mistaken: and absolutely small children, and those who are more senior had a desire to submit the unusual project. All began to whisper with each other, most likely discussing that new they can introduce the fulfilled ways of construction of the house in centuries. Understanding that it is more inexpedient to continue study as children are busy with the solution of the task assigned to them and it will be possible to switch their thought which flashed in creative search hardly, he interrupted studies and dismissed attendees.

 Later two moon day, long-awaited for children, came. Many of them came to occupation a bit earlier and, without waiting for seniors, told each other about the ideas. By the fixed time for a lesson also many parents gathered. When the lesson began, each of children in turn, worrying, told about the project.

 By the established rules, Anasta had to submit the project to the last. From the projects submitted prior to its performance the project of the boy by the name of Alan was the best. It was beautiful, the boy who well sang and to whom with pleasure as to the adult, pets submitted is more senior than Anasta for eight years. This boy was pleasant to many girls of the settlement, and Anaste including. Therefore, win it, she not strongly would be upset. "Let it than who another" - Anasta thought is better.

 At last its turn to submit the project came. Trying to hide nervousness, it led the story:

 - My project externally a little in what differs from existing. I placed an innovation in a wall. To that wall which will come to the South. In it the pack with bees will be placed. When bees begin to bring flower pollen, and the sun to warm up a pack, they will need to ventilate it with wings. The pack will be connected by a small opening to the house, and air from a beehive together with flower aromas will fill the room of the person.

 Adults began to exchange words among themselves, discussing Anasta's innovation. Eventually Wood made the decision with which all agreed. It was decided to submit for consideration of elders two projects - Alan and Anasta. Anasta was not delighted, she did not want to be a competitor to the boy who was pleasant to it.

 Elders were going to consider projects next day, directly at the next lesson to which the set to the people also came. Anasta's project was recognized as the best. It was solemnly announced by the elder gray-haired and strict by sight. However he noticed:

 - We recognized your project, Anasta, noteworthy, in it really is an interesting innovation, but to build the house we cannot allow you. Construction of the house cannot be turned into a children's game. Only the man and the woman who decided to establish a family, such is the firm rule can build the house. You agree with this rule?

 Anasta was silent. The lump which rose to a throat did not let it speak. With unusual enthusiasm she worked on the project, represented and even felt the small lodge, mentally already lived in it, slept on a soft stove bench, looked out of the window through the curtain weaved by a spider on fine flower beds, inhaled the delicate flower aromas brought by bees... There was from the place Alan.

 - Allow me to tell about the firm rule? - he has interrogatively a look at seniors, and then continued: - It of course is fair, and it cannot be changed, but it is possible to make so that this rule will not extend to Anasta.

 People and children puzzly looked at Alan.

 - And what image it can be made? - the question was distributed.

 - Allow me to show - Alan told.

 - Show - the elder resolved.

 Alan approached Anasta and got up opposite to it. Then removed from a neck a patrimonial pendent and its plot on Anasta's neck:

 - Marry me, Anasta - he offered.

 Attendees gasped. Anasta lost a speech power, only her eyes shone and from below up looked at the young man facing her - You agree, Anasta? - Alan asked.

 She vigorously nodded, then quickly removed the patrimonial pendent from a neck and stretched it to Alan, but he did not begin to take it, and kneeled before the girl that she could put on it the beautiful pendent.

 People with amazement watched the events. Alan took Anasta for the handle and said, addressing the gray-haired elder:

 - Now Anasta has no obstacles, and the firm rule does not extend to it.

 - Well - somehow uncertainly there began an elder - but people unite with each other to make a family. Anasta is still too small, she cannot give birth to children.

 - Yes - Alan agreed - it is small. But every day and about everyone year she will mature. Also there will come day when she becomes absolutely adult beauty. I am sure that I will wait for this day and the decision I will not change.

 Having conferred, elders allowed Anasta to construct a small lodge on condition that in eleven days it will be sorted because it is impossible to assume that nobody lived in the house, and because of age it was not allowed to Anasta to live separately from parents yet.

 In the appointed day almost all residents of the patrimonial settlement gathered on a hillock. Near the flower bed there was Anasta. Sticks and branches it planned outlines of the small lodge in advance. She very much worried - so many people will monitor its actions, but especially she worried because among these people there was Alan. Some special feelings were born in it in relation to this young man after he made it the proposal on joint life. The head approached Anasta and opened before it a beautiful case in which the musical pipe - the most important tool lay at construction of the house. The shivering hands the girl took a pipe, covered with fingers several holes and brought a pipe to lips. But did not follow a melody - Anasta felt that she should calm down before somehow. She pressed a pipe to a breast and, looking at the people standing on a hillock, very quickly thought that to undertake it to calm itself. However nervousness only accrued.

 Then from group of people the young man separated and went to Anasta. It was Alan. He approached the girl and told:

 - I know this melody too and I can play it. You marked where there will be a house what it will be in size. You won a competition, so this house will be yours, I will only play a melody.

 The eyes shining from tears the girl looked at the stately young man and the lips shivering for nervousness whispered:

 - I want, Alan, thanks to you, but I have to, surely has to make it.

 - Then listen carefully to me, Anast. Gather in yourself air and hold the breath. Detain so as far as you will be able, then exhale, but not at once, and three measures. Make the last exhalation such that as less air in you remained. After that begin to breathe exactly. From the very first breath you have to think only of the breath, forget about everything that surrounds you and as soon as breath is normalized, begin to play. I will stand behind your back and to look at people on a hillock, I will not pass their views and thoughts, I will not allow them to concern you, and you, quiet and sure, will construct the fantastic lodge.

 Anasta made everything as Alan taught her, brought a pipe to the calmed-down lips and - the space was filled by a draft melody.

 After a while from the wood and from pastures animals began to gather. When they gathered enough, Anasta finished a draft melody, got up in the middle of the oval designating walls of future lodge and again played, but already other melody.

 Three bears at once separated from group of animals, skipping ran up to the oval drawn with Anasta, bypassed it around, sniffing, and began to dig along the trench branches laid by Anasta.

 They tried, very much tried. Suddenly two little bear cubs, without having kept, jumped in a transheyka who was dug, apparently, by their mother. Anasta stopped playing confusions. All stood. Then the she-bear picked up one of bear cubs for withers and, having given to a slap, exposed from a transheyka, he head over heels swept away, and she did the same with the second bear cub, then roared on them to frighten, looked at the girl with a pipe and waved in its party a paw as if the conductor. And again Anasta's pipe played.

 When the transheyka was dug, Anasta replaced a melody - low, sedate and rhythmical sounds were distributed. Also mammoths dropped off to a trench, everyone bore a trunk a stone. Mammoths stacked stones and continued the work, did not fill with them all transheyka yet. Now rhythmical low sounds of a pipe were replaced by the modulations similar to chatter of birds. The swallows turning over the site as if on command suddenly disappeared, but soon appeared again. Then, there they sat down on stones, spreading something from the klyuvik.

 Little feathery builders could bring not enough construction material in the beak, but them was much, and they acted with extraordinary swiftness and it is very harmonious. And therefore under melodious modulations of a pipe the wall of the house grew in the eyes.

 Anasta's lodge was not sorted also in eleven days, decided to look how bees in a lodge wall and will behave in the summer in the winter.



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