the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)



 Memories of the great-granddaughter Anasta's life everything did not leave Wood, and he even slightly grinned, having remembered one case.

 Grew dark. Wood washed in a stream of a leg and was going to go to bed when he suddenly heard children's crying and even not crying, but sobbings. He turned back and saw Anasta running to it. The look it was unusual: the person is soiled by something black, and from a slit of a dress on a breast hay was beaten out. She ran up, limping, to Wood, sat down on a zavalinka of the house and, having clasped with handles the head, a zaprichital.

 - Oh, what grief to me, dedulechka. Directly washing life stops.

 Now, after Alan made the girl the proposal, she wanted to grow up as soon as possible, and waking up in the mornings, she not to a creek of a stream ran to bathe, and took a direct pole, put it to a wall of the house and did on it tsarapinka, noting the growth. In a stream creek before plunging into water, she looked at the reflection, thinking of when it has a breast, as at adult women - a breast with which they feed small children.

 - Drink waters, Anastochk, and calm down, tell what occurred.

 Anasta took a sip of waters from a jug and through a sobbing began to tell Wood about the grief.

 - I knew, the dedulechka, knew... All of them admire Alan because he the most beautiful and clever. I worried that so far I will grow up, someone from adult maidens will get to fall in love my Alan, will surely get to fall in love. And today, when only began to grow dark, I saw how they, these maidens, went on a glade to the mountain and spoke about my Alan. And I understood that it is impossible to wait more until I grow up. It is necessary to work now. I so solved and began to act.

 Took a piece of coal and tinted to itself eyes as it is done by adult maidens. Then took beet and tinted to itself cheeks and lips. And even clay painted over a birthmark. A birthmark, which here, on a forehead at me. - Anasta removed a bang, showing to Wood a birthmark, similar to an asterisk, at herself on a forehead.

 - Why you tried to paint over a birthmark, Anastochk? She is not visible, hair your fine close her - hiding a smile, Wood asked.

 - Close. And the breeze will blow, they also open it.

 - Let open, me, for example, your birthmark very much is pleasant, it is similar to an asterisk.

 - And - and-and - again zaprichitat Anast - you, the dedulechka, is pleasant, and it is not pleasant to me at all. As if marked I am some. Mother has no asterisk on a forehead, at the father is not present, at you, a dedulechka Wood, not too. Who at me on a forehead drew it? Who crippled me? And - and-and...

 - Nobody you, Anastochk, crippled, on the contrary - decorated. If you make affairs, pleasant for people, they will begin to say that this act was made supposedly by the girl who has an asterisk on a forehead. And you will make bad acts, people can tell, it was made by the girl who has a speck on a forehead. Any appearance of the person to people fine seems if his acts are fine. - Wood stroked the great-granddaughter on the head, and then asked: - Tell Anastochka, and hay why at you looks out of a dress?

 - I made two lumps of hay and a tape to myself on a breast bound that as adult maidens had it. And under heels in the obuvochka enclosed hay too to be above. And such matured as maiden, I went to a glade where they gather with boys young. Came and saw that Alan together with young guys costs, and near them maidens gathered, talk among themselves, askance glancing at Alan. And Alan himself glanced at maidens. - And Anasta was again gone by crying, continuing weepingly: - I saw, a dedulechka, he glanced, glanced. I knew that they will become in a circle soon, will join hands, the round dance will be driven, sung and watched at each other. And too to appear in this circle, I approached and became near maidens.

 One of them as stared at me, looked, looked, and then let's laugh loudly, and all others too, having seen me, began to laugh loudly. And all guys standing with Alan laughed too. Oh, grief to me bitter, grief, dedulechka Wood. One I stood, and all of them laughed and laughed. Looked at me and laughed. One directly on a grass was tumbled down - rides and laughs loudly.

 Wood hung the head, trying to hide a smile, and asked:

 - And Alan laughed at you, Anastochka?

 - Alan did not laugh over me, a dedulechka Wood, did not laugh at all. Alan beat me.

 - Beat? - Wood was surprised. - How beat?

 - And yes beat, a dedulechka Wood. At first approached and took me on hands. As small on hands took - sobbing she told. - And I... I so wanted adult to be... And it... it as small took me and carried away for bushes. There put on a footpath and told: "Go home, Anasta, wash not than a nonsense any more". And I... I told that I will not go and that it was convincing, several times stamped a leg. Then he took me by hand and spanked. Here so, here so - Anasta clapped a palm of on a hip and at the same time lamented: - Now I all hackneyed, unfortunate, thrown, unmarried.

 - It what, took away from you the pendent? - Wood asked.

 - No, did not take away.

 - So means, you still married - brought to reason her Wood.

 - All the same, if married, all the same hackneyed and hapless.

 - To you what, it was really so sick when Alan slapped you? - Wood asked.

 - I do not know, a dedulechka, I do not know, I did not feel any pain, but the offense bitter was stronger than any pain.

 - Calm down, Anastochka, it is visible, Alan loving you spanked that you did not make acts from which people will laugh at you. Means, it saved you from future sneers.

 - Loving? Unless, when love, so splash?

 - Well, of course, it is not a method, but, perhaps, Alan in volume the moment could think up nothing the best. And you know Anastochk - Wood continued, untying small knots and removing from her breast lumps from hay - you should not so try to be adult. You and without any efforts adult will become. And now you need to think of another, my girl.

 - About what, a dedulechka, about what?

 - You lie down, Anastochka, on knees to me, and I the song will accustom to drinking your darling, that which without words.

 Anasta put the head on Wood's knees, sobbed still several times and at the first sounds of a familiar melody fell asleep.

 Next day Anasta came running to Wood joyful and excited. On run she told Wood:

 - It came to my lodge, came. I at first wanted to hide when saw it in a window, then sat very quietly that he thought as if in a lodge there is nobody. Alan approached a lodge and sat down near an entrance. He sat down, the dedulechka Wood, and speaks: "I know, you houses, Anasta, you are very clever and bright girl, I will wait when you become the beautiful girl, believe me, I will wait, but you do not hurry the time any more". And I sat, was silent and absolutely was not angry with it any more. I wanted to run out, embrace him and even to kiss, in an adult way, on a cheek, but I did not make it. I sat very quietly not to hurry the time.

 Alan silently sat a little more at an entrance to my lodge, then got up and left. And I to you ran, a dedulechka Wood to tell about it. And still, a dedulechka, you know, Alan while sat at me there, on a wall of my lodge drew three florets - one more, another is less also the third very absolutely small. I saw them when I ran out, they beautiful very much.

 Wood embraced Anasta and asked:

 - So you, so not hapless and a grief bitter are not present at you?

 - Now I joyful, and me want to make something like that unusual, beautiful that all looked at it, rejoiced and spoke: "It is very beautiful, healthy, good" and that Alan heard it and was proud of me.

 - Very correct decision at you arose, Anastochka. Create fine creations in an inspiration rush - only these can win love human.



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