the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)

It is necessary to think


 Having interrupted the memoirs, Wood addressed the great-granddaughter who thought up a new game with the mammoth going at the head of a caravan:

 - Anasta, you the entertainments keep a mammoth in big suspense. Whether it is good to act this way with a harmless and kind animal?

 - So I, a dedulechka Wood, keep in the pleasant suspense of a mammoth, I distract it from sad thoughts. Here and you distracted from your thoughts gloomy, a dedulechka Wood - Anasta began to chatter.

 - Yes... At many think of gloomy now. There is a reason generating them. And you, Anastochka, unless have no sad thoughts?

 - No, dedulechka Wood.

 - You do not understand, so why adults of our sort are gloomy?

 - I understand, a dedulechka Wood. They are gloomy because that the cold glacier approaches. Many plants die of cold. People from different settlements native had to leave space. And where and how many to go, nobody knows.

 - Truly... - thoughtfully Wood said and a little with astonishment asked the great-granddaughter: - And you what, Anastochk is not sad to leave our patrimonial space?

 - To me it is not sad, a dedulechka Wood. As soon as the thought this sad, rasstavanchesky in me arose, I rejected it at once, and now it is not in me - Anasta began to chatter again cheerfully, being shaken on a trunk of a mammoth which went near Wood as if understood need to carry the girl near her great-grandfather, giving them the chance to communicate among themselves.

 The answer of the great-granddaughter of Wood both surprised, and interested. In what mysterious way she managed to cope with sad thoughts? And he asked:

 - Anastochka, tell me how you managed to a thought sad to reject, in what way?

 - Simple, dedulechka Wood, way. I decided to remain with space of the homeland.

 - To remain? Solved? But you did not remain, you move away from it together with all, Anastochka.

 - While I leave, I see off all in a long journey. And as soon as we will rise by a hill which in the distance is seen, there will be a midday, and I will have to go to a way back. By the evening I will keep up home. Morning will come, she will be delighted to me. And I rejoice already now. I represent how the homeland to me will rejoice.

 Wood was not disturbed in response to words of the great-granddaughter. He thought, she joked or only represents the return to drive away sad thoughts. Having decided to accompany the resourceful girl, he told:

 - Yes, the space everything will be delighted to you, but what you will do one there?

 - First of all I will arrange a hill from the earth and a grass near my flower bed - Anasta began to chatter - let the hill do not allow a cold breeze to blow from a glacier on favourite my flower. When the flower blossoms, I near it have to be. If is near nobody, the flower will grieve strongly.

 "For what I blossomed - will think - for what if nobody rejoices to my beauty". But I am near and I will rejoice.

 - The flower will fade, Anastochka, there will come cold weather what was not earlier. Many plants will not be able to blossom during cold weather. On our patrimonial space there steps the huge glacier - as if about himself Wood reflected, rising by a hillock about which Anasta spoke. - Yes, there comes the glacier.

 - I will stop a glacier, a dedulechka Wood - the little girl suddenly blurted out, having come off a mammoth trunk, and with enthusiasm began to chatter further: - I do not know yet as, but surely I will stop it. There, in the homeland, something will prompt to me as to stop it. I feel, very strongly I feel that will prompt, and I will be able.

 There, in the homeland, is a hint. It is, but all left. Nobody thought of it. Also there is nobody now hint to prompt. All thought how to leave, where to leave from cold weather. But nobody wanted to think with the hint how to remove a glacier. And you often said on collecting, a dedulechka Wood that it is necessary to think.


 Wood froze. There was also a leader of a caravan, and behind it also other following mammoths stopped.

 The gray-haired chief of family attentively looked at the great-granddaughter and was silent.

 He could never explain what Wood made in a minute, himself, especially another then. Wood gave a sign to the people moving on each side a caravan from mammoths to continue advance. He told Anasta:

 - The limping mammoth, the leader's son goes the last in a caravan, you know it, and he obeys you best of all. You take it with yourself, Anasta when it is very cold, you on it on our traces will catch up with us.

 - Thanks, a dedulechka Wood - the girl joyfully exclaimed, clasped the aged man for legs, nestled on it. - Thanks!

 - How I will tell about what you conceived to mother and the father, your parents?

 - I will tell them how I will get home, it is not necessary to tell anything now. Good-bye, dedulechka Wood.


 Anasta skipping ran to the last mammoth in the end of a caravan, and Wood watched leave the removed great-granddaughter's figure as if without realizing the events. It continued a way, and any time in his head was not any thoughts, wondered some hours later Wood: "Why I agreed? "It seems", "Nobody thought how to stop". Anybody. It one". Then aloud said:

 - I did right thing.



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