the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 6. The Family Book (2002)

Glad tidings


“This question is far from simple, Vladimir. It actually involves major changes on our planet and in the Universe. When millions of happy Earth families begin to consciously transform the planet into a flourishing garden, the harmony reigning on the Earth will have an effect on other planets and the whole space of the Universe. Right now the planet Earth is sending a poisonous stench into the Cosmos. And more and more garbage is piling up in orbit. And a malicious energy is radiating from the direction of the Earth. A different energy will be emitted when there is a change in the conscious awareness of Earth dwellers. And then the grace emanating from the Earth will bestow flourishing gardens upon other planets.”

“Wow, how grand! And has there never been such an op-portunity before in human history? After all, in Russia back before the revolution landlords had their family estates. And now in many countries there is private ownership of land. We have farmers too who rent out land for extended periods. But nothing comes of it. Why not?”

“There has been no conscious awareness — the kind that is growing today in human minds and souls as little shoots of the Divine. What you called a straightforward question, Vladimir, during the occult millennia was the greatest secret held by the priests. Many religions through the ages have talked about God, but not one of them has ever stated the obvious: in consciously communing with Nature, Man communes with the Divine thought. To understand Space is to understand God.

‘And even the thought or the dream of a family domain, where everything is in harmony with you, embodies much more closeness to God than a whole lot of convoluted rituals.

All the mysteries of the Universe will be unfolded to Man. And all at once Man will discover within himself capabilities that he cannot even imagine today And Man will become truly Godlike — the Man that begins to create the Divine world around him.

“Think, why do not ‘wise-men’ ever mention this anywhere? All because once Man understands his earthly essence and his capabilities, he will become free from occult spells. The power of the priests will disappear. Nobody and nothing will ever have power over a Man who has created a Space of Love around him. And no harsh and threatening judge will the Creator be for such a Man, but rather a father and a friend.

“This is why through the centuries they have come up with so many tricks to turn Man away from his purpose. Land! Such a straightforward question, you say, Vladimir. But think about how centuries have passed and Man still does not have family land of his own. You were mentioning farmers and landlords. But with their family domain they hired other people to work the land. They have endeavoured to get as much profit as possible out of their land. People who did not work the land themselves could not treat it with love. And often seeds were sown in the ground in anger, and malice grew

“For thousands of years simple truths have been hid from the people. Other people’s hands and thoughts should not be compelled to touch one’s family land. In different ages rulers have offered people land allotments, but in such away that the meaning of their earthly deeds has not been clear to people.

“If a Man is given just a small piece of land — a quarter of a hectare, for example — his family will not be able to build an oasis there which will serve him effortlessly. A large tract of land is too much for a Man to govern independently and he will end up hiring helpers, thereby involving other people’s thoughts. So people have been drawn away by trickery and chicanery from what is important.”

“Does this mean, Anastasia, that not a single religion over thousands of years has ever called upon people to create Divine oases on the Earth’s land? On the contrary, they have spent all their time calling people’s thought away from the land, somewhere else. So it turns out that they...”

“Vladimir, do not say unflattering words about religion. Your spiritual father, the monk Feodorit,  led you to where you are today And it is largely thanks to him that you and I met in the first place. The time has come today when congregations of all the various denominations need to think about how to save our spiritual leaders from disaster.”

“What kind of disaster?”

“The same kind that happened in the past century — when people sacked the temples and put ministers of various faiths to death.”

“ You mean under the Soviet regime... But now, you see, we have democracy, freedom of religion and the authorities treat all religions — or at least the major ones — with respect. How could the events of bygone years all at once repeat themselves?” “You should take a closer look at what is happening today, Vladimir. You know that many countries have joined together in the struggle against terrorism.”


“They have pointed their finger at other countries as the ones promoting terrorism. And they have publicised the names of the instigators. They have accused, among others, some spiritual and religious leaders, and special forces have been assigned to hunt them down. But that is only the beginning. Reports have been given to the leaders of countries both large and small exposing the nature of many religions, and they include a whole lot of examples of how these religions themselves were responsible for fomenting acts of terror and wars on the Earth. In these reports, which have already been prepared, analysts have set forth everything accurately and convincingly Information about many terrible crimes will now gradually come to light. They will remind people of an endless succession of wars like the Crusades, intrigues, perversions and greed among the ministers of the occult. When anger builds up in a whole lot of people, pogroms may be launched in many places, and these may include the destruction of temples.

‘At the moment, clerics from a number of religions are trying to put a stop to religious extremism, making declarations to the effect that the extremists have nothing in common with them — indeed, these clerics openly condemn extremism. For the moment, these declarations are being accepted. Or, rather, the political leaders feign ignorance... and say they are satisfied with the declarations.

“In the meantime, these secret reports are already claiming that religions are programming people, using any kind of pretext. The pretext may be well-intentioned —■ calling the faithful to good works, for example. But any faith in something a Man cannot see, especially one which he accepts un- questioningly as truth from a preacher, is always fraught with the danger that the thoughts of the programmed believer may be redirected at the will of the preacher, and so today’s believers may easily be transformed into tomorrow’s suicide bombers. And a whole lot of different facts from both past and present are cited in the reports as evidence in support of this conclusion. Before long the rulers will become inclined to the opinion that they should select one religion and put it completely under their control, at the same time declaring all others harmful and deserving of elimination.

“Subsequently, if they do not succeed in drawing all the people into one religion, then the next step is to destroy all religions, at least within their own borders. Such a decision will lead to a never-ending war. This war has already started, it is already going on. It must be stopped. And this can only be done in one way — by giving birth to a conscious awareness on the part of our spiritual leaders. Only glad tidings can restore peace to all the Earth. Those that accept the glad tidings and proclaim them in temples both great and small — they will fill the temples with multitudes of people. Those that do not perceive the sayings will find themselves in temples that are empty and decaying.”

“What glad tidings are your referring to, Anastasia? Can you explain it a little more simply?”

“People who call themselves spiritual leaders, who talk of God and teach children in the schools today, should recognise as a God-pleasing deed the co-creation of a Space of Love in the personal domain of every family dwelling on the Earth. Not only to recognise this but to create designs as well for future projects together with their parishioners. To endeavour, along with the people, to bring back the knowledge of pristine origins. To dream and discuss such a theme, and then to bring the design to perfection in all its detail. The process of creating the dream will take many years. Then, when all this comes to prevail upon the Earth, people will live in harmony, in a real, Divine Space of Love.”

“Eve got it, Anastasia. You want everyone to begin studying Nature in all the temples of whatever religious persuasion, and in the schools and in institutions of higher learning. To master the science of creating a family domain according to a special design. Let’s say this can actually bring various religious denominations together into a common alliance — not just in words but in deeds. Let’s suppose it could really awaken people from their hypnotic sleep, put an end to terrorism, drug use and a whole lot of other negative tendencies in society.

“Let’s suppose. But... How will you be able to convince all the patriarchs and all the clerics, and in so many different denominations? How will you be able to convince all the secular educational institutions? A lot of things you say come true, Anastasia, but what you’re talking about at the moment is completely unfeasible, sheer pie in the sky!”

“It is feasible. They have no other choice now.”

“But that’s just what you think. Just you. These are mere words that you’re saying.”

“But the One who allows me to utter these ‘mere’ words, as you put it, possesses power unsurpassed. You may remember back seven-plus years ago, back when you were still an entrepreneur, that I stood before you and drew letters in the sand by the lake in the taiga.”

“Yes, I remember, but what of it?”

‘And then all at once you began to write books, and now a whole lot of people are already reading them. Who do you think was mainly responsible for this? The sand by the taiga lake? Or the stick I drew with? Or the words I articulated? Or perhaps your hand created the books all by itself? And later poetry welled up like a sacred spring in human hearts. Who was the chief Creator behind these works of art?”

“I don’t know. Possibly all the factors played a part.” “Believe me, Vladimir — please try to understand. It is His energy that stands behind everything that was created. It is His energy that inspired human hearts. And it will continue to inspire them.”

“Perhaps, but somehow it is hard to believe that church ministers will start to act the way you say”

“You should believe in this. And visualise a gladsome prospect within yourself, and then it will come to achievement. All the more so, since that is no longer hard for you to do. You remember how an Orthodox village priest came to you to cheer up your crestfallen spirits.  Another priest paid for your books with his own money and then distributed them to the prisons. And your Father Feodorit talked with you about a lot of things... Do you remember?”

“I do.”

‘And you should realise, too, that not all church ministers share the same world-view. There are those who will proclaim the glad tidings.”

“Yes, I think you’re right. But there will be others who will begin to oppose them. Especially the High Priest you spoke about — his occult agents will think up some kind of new intrigue.”

“Of course they will, but all the dark forces’ endeavours will now be in vain. The process has begun and it has already attained the point of no return. People will learn first hand of their earthly Paradise. These are mere words, you will say But here, I shall now utter two simple words — and a part of the darkness will be illumined with light. Let the rest of the darkness tremble and begin to conceal their names, as they fail to win the possibility of turning into reality And these words are utterly simple: The Book of Kin.”

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