the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)

"I cancel the predicted hell of the earth"


This phrase was said by the taiga anchoress Anastasia. I think, it is useful for most of the people living on Earth to say similar and to make the actions corresponding to words. Today it is vital.

Many people living on the planet Earth observe negative results of global warming. Scientists report about change of the geomagnetic field of Earth and flooding in the near future of the whole continents. In the face of contemporaries such large-scale accidents, as in Indonesia where more than two hundred thousand people died, in the USA where New Orleans - the city with the million population was flooded began to happen. Also scientists report about the menacing change of activity of the Sun.

Questions of ecological safety of Earth rose so sharply that at the initiative of England were included in 2007 in the agenda of the UN. At the beginning of 2008 they were considered on the Security council of Russia.

For the first time statements of predictors about global disaster began to coincide with opinion in this respect of modern scientists and the governments of many states.

Priests of a civilization of the Maya also said that there will be a global disaster and that there will be it in 2012.

In a varying degree many people heard about it, and still a well-known talk on accident of 2012 mentions only a small part of what it is told in the closed reports about.

It is possible to guess that the Japanese government takes steps to resettlement of the population only by hearsay. On predictions, one of the first will flood England and therefore, probably, she became the initiator of inclusion in the agenda of a meeting of the UN Security Council of environmental issues.

Perhaps, the governments of the different countries do right thing, widely and in detail without advertizing current situation. Why to spread panic in the people? But, on the other hand, being ignorant, most of the population can die, and the informed elite will manage escape in this situation only, having taken with itself one hundred - another slaves on everyone.

Scientists predict what countries will be as Atlantis, are absorbed by elements and what are not subject to flooding. For example, in Russia coastal regions will be flooded, and Siberia will be the best place of residence.

After global warming on Earth there will come Ice Age.

Yes what difference that for global disaster will occur if society is not able to resist to already today's catastrophic manifestations, for example, of an air gas contamination in the cities, to the electromagnetic radiations penetrating dwellings, and to many other.

Whether there is an alternative to the sad future of mankind? Of course, is. But about everything one after another.

So, at world forums came to an unambiguous conclusion: accident is possible in the next years. Here there is also an interesting question - whether the mighty of this world and science to take some measures for its prevention is capable? Representatives of world science could not answer this question. The governments of the different countries, somehow trying to influence a situation, developed the so-called Kyoto Protocol according to which all countries are offered to reduce harmful emissions in the atmosphere. The protocol is still not ratified by many countries.

What can happen in the future, of course, causes concern, but unless the catastrophic situation occurring already today veiled under achievement of a civilization should not cause a bigger concern?



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