the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 8, part 1. The New Civilization (2005)

Occupiers in action


Certain government agencies at the regional (and sometimes even local) level have been advised to treat the readers of my books as sectarians and terrorists, and, consequently, to coun-teract any initiative they may undertake, especially those wishing to set up their own family domains in rural areas. The mass media were ordered, under threat of sacking journalists, not to report on these initiatives. Or if there were any ref-erence, it had to describe them as part of the ‘loony fringe’, calling everybody to go to the forest, back into the past etc. People working in the cultural sector were called upon to take countermeasures against anything connected with the books or the ideas set forth therein.

Communications from readers clearly point to the activities of some sort of organisation operating on our national territory through agents in state and ecclesiastical structures

and carrying out destructive policies. And don’t just take my word for it. This is confirmed by professional researchers who have familiarised themselves with a significant body of collected materials.

A special term has even surfaced: ‘the Anastasia cult’. And to whom or to what does this term specifically refer? To me as a writer? To my Anastasia book? To the book’s heroine, whose name is Anastasia? To the millions of readers of these books? Or to their efforts to implement Anastasia’s idea about a marvellous and prosperous Russia? As it turns out, all of the above.

It is a sad sight indeed to see both foreign and home-grown clerics — who are definitely not of any Christian faith — oc-cupying the Orthodox Church and exerting their influence on state officials. Christianity for them is only a convenient cover. Their actions show clearly that they are far removed from any Christian morality. Their methods are ‘old hat’ — the same methods of falsehood and violence that were used to destroy the culture of Ancient Rus’ in favour of a new ideology foreign to the people. I have written about this in my books.16

Right off they began accusing me of paganism. But what kind of an ‘accusation’ is that? It’s tantamount to accusing me of the desire to know the history of my country and the culture of my forebears.

There is, however, some very happy, encouraging news. Life has begun more and more often to come out with situ-ations where their unseemly actions are exposed as if by an invisible ray of light. It puts them, one might say, in a rather funny predicament. Judge for yourselves.



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