the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 6. The Family Book (2002)

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1 received a copy of Anastasia, two days ago and read it entirely! It is difficult finding the words to express how much it means to me and how powerfully I am impacted by it. It’s almost as if my mind and heart have been prepared to read this book for years! I’ve found a treasure for which I have been searching desperately for years! I will be ordering the entire series soon and sharing them with everyone I know! {and received soon after from the same reader] I’ve been immersed in the books. Since we last spoke, I have read book

2 AND 3! I am in awe of what I have read. I have been DEEPLY impacted and touched thus far, and I can’t wait to read book 4 through 8. As soon as book 5 is available, I will order a copy!

— Brian, Los A ngeles, USA

It is the first thing written in a book that has made so much sense to me. All that she says makes sense and you just know that you are reading TRUTH. The book is awesome. I cannot explain how very little I have read in my life and certainly I’ve NEVER finished one book I started. This book was different and I could not put it down... ever! The truth lies in there for sure and which I believe is why it is selling incredibly all over the world with no advertising at all.

—■ Denise, Canada

Basically, these books make all the books that I’ve read to date look like a complete waste of paper! ... I think that going through life without this knowledge is a waste of time, and not passing it on to children is a crime. I can say with confidence that nothing like these books exists in the world today

— Rafal E, Australia (from an unsolicited letter to the editor of NEXUS Magazine, February/March 2006 edition)

I first laid my eyes on the Anastasia books in the Nexus Magazine, and felt the energy at once, bought them, and was completely breath taken. I had to stop reading — just to cry for while — so touched

with the beauty and simplicity of Anastasia’s spirit. This is a series of books bound to have tremendous impact. I have read hundreds of books through the years on spiritual advancement (Personal/ Earth), but there is nothing so direct and clear as this — with the exception of selected channellings. Thanks to Anastasia, Vladimir, John, Leonid and all involved!

— Jan, Norway

Awhile back, myself and MR also purchased 6 books, 2 each of the first 3. I have been passing them on to a few other people, and now I am being asked about them more and more. This order is a copy each for my 2 daughters, because they have been asking me to borrow them, and so far it hasn’t been possible, because other people have them at the moment. So, I decided to give these to them as a birthday gift, seeing as they are both “into” this kind of reading. In fact, we all are into the spiritual types of books, and prefer them to any other kind of books. After reading these series though, I have recommended that they give all their other reading materials away, because this Anastasia series is all they’ll need from now on. I am in my 6o’s now, and I just wish I knew all of this Anastasia material about 40+ years ago. I think my life, as well as the lives of my family would have been vastly different, if this kind of knowledge was “the norm” back when I was young, instead of it all being suppressed by the mainstream. The sooner we can all get ‘Anastasia” centres established worldwide, the better of mankind, and our planet will be.... I just can’t wait until the entire series has been translated, but in the meantime, I’ll be getting book 4, and waiting eagerly for each new volume as it becomes available.

— John, Melbourne, Australia

Anastasia is among — no — is the most profound work I have ever read. I haven’t read that many “great” works, and may still be a bit naive — but I have read enough to realise that this is something special. No other book has actually changed me... I am even more excited now in expectation of acquiring Books 2 through 4 — I’m quietly confident that this is indeed the “life-changing” experience I have been waiting for. Cheers!

— Ben, Australia

Have just read with utter delight and joy Book i and would like to buy the first four books that are translated into English. Do you have a distributor in the U.K. and what is the cost per book in sterling? Please e-mail me back with this information. Thanking you in advance and so looking forward to hearing from you.

— Araura, UK

I need to buy 6 copies of the first book, Anastasia. I have six close friends who just HAVE to read them, and won’t unless I shove them into their laps. Bill me.

— Duncan, Queensland, Australia

What a wonderful read. I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 — I finished them all by Sunday eve. I’m a fast reader when I find something that touches my soul. I am hooked. When is #4 due? Can’t wait to read them all. I’ve just started to go through them again to highlight the messages.

— Kathleen, Australia

I’ve read through all 3 books and what can I say?... hard to put into words. Now I have some idea how hard it could be for Anastasia to put into words what she wants to say for us. Anyway.. I can’t wait to read the next one so can you please email me as soon as available in Australia.

— Elizabeth, Rochedale, Australia

I am enjoying the books very much, am half way through book 2, which has moved me most so far. Now I would like to get another set of the first three books as a present for a friend.

— Don, Warragul, Australia

These ringing cedar books are so powerful, I feel in communion with Anastasia reading them. I would love to distribute these books.

— Andrew, Melbourne, Australia

I cannot even begin to describe the depth of the effect Anastasia has had on me and I have only read Book 1. For the first time in my life I feel affirmed on a very deep level and feel free to be me. I am so excited to have discovered these books and am fully committed to doing what I can to help spread their message.

— Mary, New Zealand

We have devoured the first book as if we were starving and I am eager to order the others very soon.

— Sherry, USA

There has been a very significant change taking place within me since reading the Series. It has been a casting off of the selfish elements within me and walking into a vast chasm of blessings. What is possible I do not yet know, only that an awareness and a consciousness is possible in this life. My life is hopeful now.

— Allan, Wisconsin, USA

At last! Truth that has not been distorted by dogma or someone’s ego! I might explode from emotion if I read any more! I had a hard time getting myself to just stand still.

— Ana, Portugal

The Ringing Cedars books help with explaining ways to have a richer life, raise healthier children, filling one’s heart rather than one’s pockets.

— Penny, Missouri, USA

There is something highly significant stirring in the spirit world which has broken out upon the world, starting in Russia since Vladimir Megre first encountered this remarkable woman. You read her books; you get filled with the passion of wanting to share what you find with your families and friends... The appearance of Anastasia is a most important and needful occurrence which has benefited many people enormously. Her appearance has rocked hosts of people to their very foundations and reading Book i it is easy to see why There seems to be the promise that Anastasia and Vladimir Megre are to become the most famous peo-ple to appear on the world scene... So far I am deeply affected and inspired by her... roll on Book 2.

— David, England

THE AUTHOR, Vladimir Megre , born in 1950, was a well-known entrepreneur from a Siberian city of Novosibirsk. According to his account, in 1995 — after hearing a fascinating story about the power of ‘ringing cedars’ from a Siberian elder — he organised a trade ex-pedition into the Siberian taiga to rediscover the lost technique of pressing virgin cedar nut oil containing high curative powers, as well as to find the ringing cedar tree. However, his encounter on this trip with a Siberian woman named Anastasia transformed him so deeply that he abandoned his business and went to Moscow to write a book about the spiritual insights she had shared with him. Vladimir Megre now lives near the city ofVladimir, Russia, 190 km (120 miles) east of Moscow. If you wish to contact the author, you may send a message to his personal e-mail

THE TRANSLATOR, John Woodsworth, born in Vancouver (British Columbia), has over forty years of experience in Russian- English translation, from classical poetry to modern short stories. Since 1982 he has been associated with the University of Ottawa in Canada as a Russian-language teacher, translator and editor, most recently as a Research Associate and Administrative Assistant with the University’s Slavic Research Group. A published Russian-language poet himself, he and his wife — Susan K. Woodsworth — are directors of the Sasquatch Literary Arts Performance Series in Ottawa. A Certified Russian- English Translator John Woodsworth is in the process of translating the remaining volumes in Vladimir Megre’s Ringing Cedars Series.


THE EDITOR, Leonid Sharashkin, is writing his doctoral dissertation on the spiritual, cultural and economic significance of the Russian dacha gardening movement, at the University of Missouri at Columbia. After receiving a Master’s degree in Natural Resources Management from Indiana University at Bloomington, he worked for two years as Programme Manager at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Russia) in Moscow, where he also served as editor of Russia’s largest environmental magazine, The Panda Times. Together with his wife, Irina Sharashkina, he has translated into Russian Small is beautiful and A guide for the perplexed by E.F. Schumacher, The secret life of plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, The continuum concept by Jean Liedloff and Birth without violence by Frederick Leboyer.

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