the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 3. The Space of Love (1998)



Ordering a set for a friend... these books are awesome. Hard to put down when you start reading.

— David, British Columbia, Canada

I love these beautiful energies of Anastasia’s loving spirit and vision. I am sharing them with all my friends.

— Grace, Colorado, USA

The Ringing Cedars Books have indeed been a Life Saviour for me, it is changing me back to where I once was as a child, giving me renewed hope! I think that we were all a little bit like Anastasia when we were children, we were possibly just not allowed to remember... Lots of Love and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

— Cissy

Book i was extraordinary. A sense of deep well-being came over me at different times during the reading of it — which took place in one sitting on the evening I received it in the mail! Anastasia’s comment that illness is a conversation with god just blew me away I have had a chronic illness for 21 years now and that is exactly what it has been for me - a conversation with god. Thanks for making these wonderful books available for us in English!

— Robert, South Pasadena, California, USA

I have just finished reading ‘The Space of Love’, and since I first started reading Anastasia’, and then through the ‘Ringing Cedars of Russia’, I have such a feeling of hope and some long forgotten remembrance that this is absolute truth. I want to weep with the joy of it all, and I want to weep at the sorrow of how I could have wandered so far astray I want to weep with gratitude, and long for the first manifestation in my life that I am capable of the unconditional love that you share with all, Anastasia.

Thank you Anastasia, and your forefathers and mothers, for holding the Perfection of Being for us until we are able to recognize our destructive ways and turn back to Love and Purity of Thought. Thank you Vladimir, for your courage and determination in writing these books. And thank you John and Leonid, for being the English language connection and working so hard to conserve the purity and authenticity of the message... and what a message! Now I’m off to start reading ‘Co-Creation’. I don’t want to do anything but sit and read these wonderful, inspiring books. In love and gratitude,

— Lucette

After reading book i I’m convinced we should indeed all read this book, no matter nationality, ethnicity, gender or age. We need to reconnect as a society and this first gives us something to discuss that we cannot receive from modern media (television, news URLs, papers). This allows us to expand upon ideas heartened by our cells/ bodies/souls with our common man, neighbor and bus-rider to create a community our children can thrive on.

— Doug, Portland, Oregon, USA

Words truly cannot describe the feelings that the books have imparted upon me, and an effort to try and describe these feelings would not be sufficient, excepting to say that there has been great joy and sadness in my heart through the words found in these books.

For Anastasia, I know that this beautiful Man, this woman is indeed a great great blessing to humanity, I say that she is indeed bringing in the ‘second coming of the Christ (energy)’ upon earth, that of unconditional love. To this beloved sister of ours, may your wish indeed come true my friend.

For Vladimir, you are a wonderful reminder of what we have let ourselves become, and I mean no offense to you personally. We have let ourselves become so caught up in being better than the next per-son, keeping up with the jones’es by having to have the best of the new technologies available, that it is sometimes only when we stop, listen and feel the love and light that nature provides, do we feel so



belittled and useless in comparison, that it is as if we are almost a virus upon this planet, destroying this beautiful oasis that is here, NOW!!! Do not blame yourself or anyone for what you have done, or thought, but let yourself NOW enjoy that which life and specially Anastasia’s loving words have to offer. Peace and Light and Love upon this Lleaven on Earth that we are now beginning to co-create. God Bless you All. With Love and Light,

— Anthony, Australia

What a blast... My partner bought books 2, 3 & 5 at Adyar {Book Store] so I have ordered 1 & 4 from you... but sadly have now run out of reading as I digested the 5 in a week.

I have not been as engrossed in a series of books since I discovered Lobsang Rampa in the 1970’s. Every Australian reader should insist their Local Member read these, we’re so far behind the Russians, and it (unlike the Cold War Arms Race) is a race that could just save our Planet. Or at the very least ourselves... Cheers and best wishes.

— George

To say the content is thought-provoking would be a great under-statement and would certainly do the writings an injustice. The messages contained in the book have the ability to change one’s understanding in all areas of life. It is written in an easy-to-read manner, almost like an exciting novel gradually unfolding, providing deep insights and new perspectives.

— Healthsynergy

I found Anastasia to be one of the most thought-provoking books I have ever read. I found myself with a new revelation on nearly every page and it brought many of my thoughts / beliefs / instincts? fall circle. Anastasia reinforced many of my deepest beliefs while also providing me with many new perspectives on our interconnectedness with the natural world and each other. I have found myself referring back to and reflecting on Anastasia daily and it has given me much insight and plenty to think about and act on in my daily life. I’m very thankful I learned of this book. I really look forward to digging into the second book.

— Lawrence, Rutland, Ohio, USA

Anastasia will impact a new generation of readers, like the works of Carlos Castaneda did for a previous generation — only this time through awakening the latent spiritual connection each of us has with nature. This is not about a walk in the woods, rather these books catapult us to an entirely new way of being on planet Earth.

— Steven Foster, Arkansas, USA, author of A field guide to medicinalplants and herbs

My husband finished reading Book 1... Today he said he had read hundreds and hundreds of books on spirituality but no one book had made such an effect on him like this one. Knowing him I will tell you that this is quite a statement! Thank you very much for all your effort in making possible this exquisite translation. We are now reading Book 2.

— Olga, Colorado, USA

Anastasia’s wonderful! I truly believe this is the book that will make all religious systems and all social structures respond. It is so much in tune with mankind’s transformation that takes place and will immensely contribute to that transformation in the best possible way — practically, metaphysically, theologically, philosophically... The freedom that this book carries in its life-concept for individuals and the society as a whole is so beautiful that everybody who reads the book will respond and will become a better person than what he or she was before reading it! It only takes to have an open mind and be ready to accept Anastasia not as a fiction but rather as a living person next door! Just a bit different from you and me. Of course we, “very well educated people”, find it hard to admit that the lifestyle we have in this society is pretty close to slavery compared to the potential for freedom, for love, for compassion, for God in ourselves. We are losing sight of higher values and are running after dollars, mortgage and garbage...

Thanks a lot for bringing this wonderful book into the English language! Thanks for the joy and love this book will trigger in the souls of people in the English-speaking world! I sincerely hope it will help to avoid some of the ‘predestined’ paths for us people on this continent. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to become a better person myself and offering this gift to us all!

— Rada, Toronto, Canada

Thank you for the book! It arrived day before yesterday and I just cannot put it down. How fantastic! It makes me even more “homesick” for I love living close to nature and yet am forced to be associated with a city like Chicago. What an irony of life! My “wild” imagination takes me right into the taiga and as I lose myself in reading, I can actually “see” in my mind Anastasia and her beautiful “home!” Fantastic story, the more fantastic as it is really true!

— Anna, Chicago, Illinois, USA

At work I walked by a book lying face down on a messy table and it called me. I picked up the book, flipped it over and the cover clicked. I sat down and started reading. That night I took the book home and over the next few days I found a piece of life, of the spiritual cosmos, which I knew had been missing.

In my disgust and shame at Vladimir Megre’s reaction to Anastasia, I saw a reflection of my own attitudes towards concepts I was uncomfortable with. Although Anastasia herself is a little odd, I had no difficulty believing in her presence, her existence. After reading the book, I slept under the stars, near some current bushes, but some possums awoke me in the middle of the night. I then did some reiki and sent the energy to Anastasia, and felt myself floating in cedar branches, softly brushing me, with a bright yet soft ball of radiant light shining back upon me (kind of like the sphere on the cover). In a tarot read I asked about Anastasia and drew the Guardian card.

Three years ago my family moved to the country, our own dacha. I now look forward to next spring and “coding” the seeds and creating a space of love for both my garden and my family.

— Dietrich Jakobi, Missouri, USA

It is obvious that Megre is not a great and stylish writer... He doesn’t have to be... With the highest level of respect to Megre, his value in this process is that of the one who has the technocratic ability the expertise, the ability to get the information to the people, his personal opinions, thoughts, or rewards from this process are immaterial... Anastasia is the messenger, Megre appears to be successfully delivering it... If the Anastasia person had these technocratic abilities, this worldly savvy, the message would probably be tainted... As it is the message is pure.

In the actual reading of the books I find that I sort of have to wade thru the subjective ramblings in order to gather up the objective truths that I am re-minded of. At one point the doubter in my spiritual nature said... “Who is this guy Megre... how do I know he had these experiences, perhaps this is just Megre exercising his entrepreneurial skills”... But as I read on, the basic truths that were conveyed rang so true, all doubting fell away

In my 71 winters on this planet my experience has been that when basic truths have come to me they sort of ring true deep in the core of my heart as opposed to beliefs or theories that register in my brain and have to be learned and remembered... The information in these books doesn’t need to be proven or investigated... you just know, it’s the knowledge you originally came here with... that you once knew and over time, forgot... As I read on I find myself saying out loud... “Oh Yeah”... “That’s Right”... “I remember That”... “That’s What I Always Felt”... “Of Course”...

These books are like service manuals for maintaining and living one’s life in a good way, they spark long lost, forgotten memories of the original plan... indications on how man is to live his life on this planet in a perfect way, the original plan designed to result in the ongoing experience joy and happiness.

I do believe that we are here to experience pleasure and

entertainment... that’s not a bad thing... it’s just what pleasure and entertainment have currently evolved to that’s the problem...

On one hand one may be... quietly resting under a giant cedar at dawn witnessing the planet cornin’ alive... and on the other... there is gazing at this glass screen compulsively typing away... Hmm? Re-spectfully,

— Avid

Anastasia and subsequent volumes tell the story of a return of mankind to a state of grace through love, actualizing real love to everything around us and keeping our thoughts, hearts, minds in the place of love, touching with love the earth and celebrating the God’s creation through loving it and caring for it. I think the most important lesson for us is to move back to the work of the Creator and away from ways which destroy it. That is what I take from the Series and find myself inspired to work harder and being joyous, thankful and loving.

In my own life, our family works toward goals that aren’t measured in dollars, which is a much richer life than working for material wealth. We have a certified organic and wild crops farm, so I am very receptive to the medicines of the earth and see the importance of people interacting in a healing way with God’s Creation — the earth. In a very humble way, our work with native plants on our farm could be seen as demonstration of a way people can take some of the Ringing Cedars ideas and put them to work.

I think if people find a larger purpose for their lives than collecting material goods, everyone will be happier rediscovering the scope of humanity’s tools from the Creator. The Ringing Cedars books help with explaining ways to have a richer life, raise healthier children, filling one’s heart rather than one’s pockets. I do not agree with everything written, and many people will find ideas threatening. Yet if we don’t discover new ways of being human beings and put them to work, if we don’t have a spirit rich enough to live with love and respect for God’s creations, we have no future.

Penny Frazier, Missouri, USA

As a 75 year-old American who finished the third Anastasia book by Vladimir Megre, The Space of Love, I am in the process of digesting its substance.

The American must pick up and go to a place that Vladimir Megre shows him. Megre shows him wonders. But those expecting wonders to be valid only if found on American soil will be taken aback to learn they are in a land that rarely thinks of the New World.

Anastasia’s Siberian taiga is a land that measures history in millennia instead of decades. There, Vladimir meets those who have a mystical affection for their country and culture. He finds values resting on rock-solid Christian principles not bearing Christian labels. They are values descending from ancient insights, approved by generations faithful to the soil of their forbearers. Their love for Mother Russia is a love not understood even by the most patriotic American.

Christians will recognize much from the Old Testament as well as from the New, especially Isaiah, Chapter 11. This is not to say the Anastasia Series promotes or detracts from that teaching. Instead, it parallels and edifies. The Christian emerges with his faith firmer and a respect for Megre’s Anastasia.

After three books, I am digesting, and there are moments when my credulity vanishes. Then, lines appear that can have been written only to me. Then my unbelief is overturned. It is like the story of Lazarus. I believe, but help my unbelief! Coincidences are endless.

— Gallagher Rule, Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA

I am very touched by the energy that the books carry (hard to put into words). A new awareness of who I AM and how I can more deeply connect with my / All That IS Light and Life within.

I’m having fun with a little planting and the energies connected with that action.

NO QUESTION for me that the book’s story and message is TRUE. But I am grateful for the powerful Seeds sown in the readers who may not be able to perceive its truth on their first reading. Blessing to you and your ministry of getting this Series out to the (in near future) Millions of English Readers.

— Linda, Virginia, USA

Thank you for publishing these wonderful books! to read them has been an amazing experience for me and my life has changed since then. I have now moved and started to grow my own garden. For a city girl like me it is quite a challenge... but so rewarding. I was just admiring the first sprouts this morning, thinking of Anastasia...

— Virginie, Germany

A friend has lent me Book One and it’s rearranging my cells. So lovely I’ve been on a spiritual path for decades, and what I’m getting both confirms and deepens my understanding. My garden is especially happy! Thank you for making these available. Blessings.

— Holly, Portland, Oregon, USA

When I embark on a new learning experience such as reading Book One, Anastasia, I am interested certainly in gaining new knowledge and of course in discovering new perspectives on consciousness and life in general. And on those two fronts, I will say that what I have absorbed from Anastasia by all means fulfills my interests.

However, there is an added, rather magical quality to the ex-perience of getting to know Anastasia that I do not recall ever experiencing without being in someone’s actual physical presence. It was not so much a book that I read but rather reading the book allowed me to meet a truly remarkable being whose love is beyond measure. In fact, her love is beyond what I could ever imagine a human being could experience. She has added to the depth and breadth of my beingness beyond what knowledge alone could impart. She has added to the lustre of my soul with the song of her being.

I am deeply impressed by her attention to the importance of everything. She notices the grandiosity of God’s Vast & Wonderful Creation in even the smallest detail, even details I have never noticed as having anything to do with the vastness of Love in action. I take from this, my first reading of Book One, a profoundly deeper sense of the sacred in every living detail occurring all around me as well as in every detail of possible discovery within me.

— Garrett, Colorado, USA

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