the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 1. Anastasia (1996)

Readers' reviews


Yes, at last, truth that has not been distorted by dogma or someone’s ego! I might explode from emotion if I read any more! I had a hard time getting myself to just stand still. I was jumping all over my garden saying hello to all my trees. (I’ve always talked to trees but I didn’t know they were listening!) I then ran off and bought loads of seeds and spent days putting whole packets of them in my mouth, only to get very sick indeed, for little did I know that seeds bought in a supermarket are covered in rat poison! Have we gone mad?

I’ve got this strange reputation of a person who lives in a pink world, a dreamer believing in an unrealistic utopia of happiness, a witch, a madwoman... Well thank you Anastasia, finally I can take my place as just a normal Man, a woman. I’m so excited, fancy me not knowing that there was a whole bunch of ‘pink worlders’, just around the corner!

Vladimir is a true hero. He went all the way to the bottom of despair and he used his suffering to change. Merit and achievement, success and glory belong to those who have managed to change the most in their lives.

— Ana, Portugal

In 1996 I spent a day in the Australian bush with an aboriginal woman. This was my first encounter of what I call a ‘natural human’. Her connectedness with nature blew me away and I wanted that for myself and all mankind. Likewise, Anastasia is in total harmony with nature and gives practical steps to rekindle in us that which is our true essence. I cannot even begin to describe the depth of the effect Anastasia has had on me and I have only read Book 1. For the first time in my life I feel affirmed on a very deep level and feel free to be me. I am so excited to have discovered these books and am fully committed to doing what I can to help spread their message.

— Mary Dwen, New Zealand

I truly found lots of inspiration in the book. I have a lovely garden plot which I have worked for over 40 years in the suburban Denver area and while I have tried to work with Nature ‘consciously5 for probably twenty years, I feel I fall quite short of anything that resembles the connection that Anastasia has. I am determined this next spring to do it exactly as she recommends because I do feel that humanity’s healing will only come about with a reconnection to Nature. I am hopeful of many people also wanting to read the messages of hope and re-discovering the potential that awaits Man as he reclaims his Divine Inheritance through Right Action and Right Use of Will, attuned to Spirit!

— Aurelia, Colorado, USA

Anastasia and subsequent volumes tell the story of a return of mankind to a state of grace through love, actualizing real love to everything around us and keeping our thoughts, hearts, minds in the place of love, touching with love the earth and celebrating the God’s creation through loving it and caring for it. I think the most important lesson for us is to move back to the work of the Creator and away from ways which destroy it. That is what I take from the Series and find myself inspired to work harder and being joyous, thankful and loving.

In my own life, our family works toward goals that aren’t measured in dollars, which is a much richer life than working for material wealth. We have a certified organic and wild crops farm, so I am very receptive to the medicines of the earth and see the importance of people interacting in a healing way with God’s Creation — the earth. In a very humble way, our work with native plants on our farm could be seen as demonstration of a way people can take some of the Ringing Cedars ideas and put them to work.

I think if people find a larger purpose for their lives than collecting material goods, everyone will be happier rediscovering the scope of hu-manity’s tools from the Creator. Anastasia helps with explaining ways to have a richer life, raise healthier children, filling one’s heart rather than one’s pockets. I do not agree with everything written, and many people will find ideas threatening. Yet if we don’t discover new ways of being human beings andput them to work, if we don’t have a spirit rich enough to live with love and respect for God’s creations, we have no future.

— Penny Frazier, Missouri, USA



There has been a very significant change taking place within me since reading the Series. It has been a casting off of the selfish elements within me and walking into a vast chasm of blessings. What is possible I do not yet know, only that an awareness and a consciousness is possible in this life. My life is hopeful now.

— Allan, Wisconsin, USA

At work I walked by a book lying face down on a messy table and it called me. I picked up the book, flipped it over and the cover clicked. I sat down and started reading. That night I took the book home and over the next few days I found a piece of life, of the spiritual cosmos, which I knew had been missing.

In my disgust and shame at Vladimir Megre’s reaction to Anastasia, I saw a reflection of my own attitudes towards concepts I was uncomfortable with. Although Anastasia herself is a little odd, I had no difficulty believing in her presence, her existence. After reading the book, I slept under the stars, near some current bushes, but some possums awoke me in the middle of the night. I then did some reiki and sent the energy to Anastasia, and felt myself floating in cedar branches, softly brushing me, with a bright yet soft ball of radiant light shining back upon me. In a tarot read I asked about Anastasia and drew the Guardian card.

Three years ago my family moved to the country, our own dacha. I now look forward to next spring and “coding” the seeds and creating a space of love for both my garden and my family.

— Dietrich Jakobi, Missouri, USA

Anastasia’s messages throughout the Ringing Cedars Series have further illuminated the Divine work of birthing, caring for, and parenting children. I am a doula, a home-birth mama, a dancer-singer who has been inspired by Anastasia’s reminder that we all are born to know and share our Light.

I feel like the book’s messages have found a natural home in my being. Anastasia is a being who I know lives, and she desperately wants us to feel how ALIVE we are and how ALIVE the Earth is. We belong to the Earth, and we must find our happiness so that the Earth will feel her happiness as well.

— Elise, Missouri, USA

My acquaintance who paid a visit to the Altai several years ago, received a few tiny scraps of cedarwood from a local woman. She told him to wear it on his body: he would need it, it would protect him. This summer he did some major 'housecleaning’, sorting things he didn’t want around anymore. He stumbled on a matchbox with these slivers of cedarwood, and thought: ah! is this true or mere superstition, shall I finally do away with them? The next day, by 'coincidence’, his friend offered him the Anastasia book as a present. He read, gasped and made a pendant out of the pieces. A few weeks later he showed me the pendant and it was breathtaking! I really gasped for breath, even though at that point he hadn’t yet told me his story My guess would be that he received some shivers of a ringing cedar — it was so moving to see it... Many more stirrings over here, really trust that this will be worldwide.

— Dickie, Netherlands

As a 75 year-old American who finished the third Anastasia book by V Megre, The Space ofLove, I am in the process of digesting its substance.

The American must pick up and go to a place that Vladimir Megre shows him. Megre shows him wonders. But those expecting wonders to be valid only if found on American soil will be taken aback to learn they are in a land that rarely thinks of the New World.

Anastasia’s Siberian taiga is a land that measures history in millennia instead of decades. There, Vladimir meets those who have a mystical affection for their country and culture. He finds values resting on rock-solid Christian principles not bearing Christian labels. They are values descending from ancient insights, approved by generations faithful to the soil of their forbearers. Their love for Mother Russia is a love not understood even by the most patriotic American.

Christians will recognize much from the Old Testament as well as from the New, especially Isaiah, Chapter 11. This is not to say the Anastasia Series promotes or detracts from that teaching. Instead, it parallels and edifies. The Christian emerges with his faith firmer and a respect for Megre’s Anastasia... After three books, I am digesting, and there are moments when my credulity vanishes. Then, lines appear that can have been written only to me. Then my unbelief is overturned. It is like the story of Lazarus. I believe, but help my unbelief! Coincidences are endless.

— Gallagher Rule, Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA






In 1994 a Siberian elder told entrepreneur Vladimir Megre a fascinating story about ‘ringing cedars’ — sacred trees which heal bodily diseases and elevate the human spirit. The elder told him where such a cedar was growing in the Siberian backwoods. Intrigued, Vladimir Megre delved into literature on Siberian cedar trees and was one of the first Russian businessmen to re-discover the tremendous folk medicinal, nutritional and commercial value of virgin oil pressed from Siberian cedar nuts. However, knowledge of the traditional technique of pressing the oil had been lost.

Determined to re-discover the secret and launch a highly lucrative pro-duction of cedar nut oil, Vladimir Megre set out on an expedition to find the tree, but his encounter with the elder’s granddaughter, named Anastasia, transformed him so deeply that he abandoned his commercial plans and, penniless, went to Moscow to fulfil his promise to Anastasia and write a book about the spiritual insights she so generously shared with him.

What happened next has thrilled and inspired millions. With no adver-tisement other than word of mouth, books of the RINGING CEDARS SERIES have sold over 10 million copies in Russia alone and have been translated into 20 languages, making Vladimir Megre one of Russia’s most widely read authors. Inspired by the Ringing Cedars, thousands of people are now planting trees, changing their lifestyle and, in search for a mortgage-free existence and spiritual re-connection with the Earth, are relocating to new eco-villages which have sprouted all over Russia and beyond. Thousands of readers have felt a huge creative upsurge and started writing poetry and songs and doing paintings.

These mind-stirring books read like a fascinating novel, have the authentic-ity of a documentary account and present spiritual insights of incredible depth. As books that address issues in which all our way of living and thinking is in-volved, they cannot be confined to a single category Spanning dozens of sub-jects from child-rearing to gardening, from adventure to the meaning ofhuman life, from megalithic science to breast-feeding and from sexuality to religion, they reassert the limitless creative potential hidden in each of us and present an incredibly beautiful and equally practicable vision of humanity’s spiritual con-nection to Nature that helps us understand ourselves and heal our Earth.

Vladimir Megre could not know that his 1994-95 trade trips would change his entire life and affect the whole of humanity Anastasia’s messages have spread like wildfire throughout Russia and beyond. News reporters are already writing about a “new dawn” unfolding and an “eco-village revolution” taking place, which may change the country’s — and the whole world’s — destiny. Read these books and witness the birth of a radiant vision that has changed our life and may change yours.

THE AUTHOR, Vladimir Megre, born in 1950, was a well-known entrepreneur from a Siberian city of Novosibirsk. In 1995 — after hearing a fascinating account about the power of‘ringing cedars’ from a Siberian elder — he organised a trade expedition into the Siberian taiga to rediscover the lost technique of pressing virgin cedar nut oil containing high curative powers, as well as to find the ringing cedar tree. However, his encounter on this trip with a Siberian woman named Anastasia transformed him so deeply that he abandoned his business and went to Moscow to write a book about the spiritual insights she shared with him. Vladimir Megre now lives near the city ofVladimir, Russia, 240 km (150 miles) east of Moscow, devoting himself to writing. Following the runaway success of his Series, he has spoken at readers’ conferences throughout Russia and Europe, as well as established the Anastasia Foundation, a non-profit organisation aimed at promoting the ideas contained in the books and providing support to Russia’s nascent ecovillage movement.

THE TRANSLATOR, John Woodsworth, originally from Vancouver (British Columbia), has forty years of experience in Russian-English translation, from classical poetry to modern short stories. For the past twenty-three years he has been associated with the University of Ottawa in Canada as a Russian-language teacher, translator and editor, most recently as a Research Associate and Administrative Assistant with the University’s Slavic Research Group. A published Russian-language poet himself, he and his wife — poet and amateur artist Susan K. Woodsworth — are directors of the Sasquatch Literary Arts Performance Series in Ottawa. Now a Certified Russian-English Translator, John Woodsworth is in the process of translating the remaining volumes in Vladimir Megre’s Ringing Cedars Series.

THE EDITOR, Leonid Sharashkin, is writing his doctoral dissertation on the spiritual, cultural and economic significance of the Russian dacha gardening movement, at the University of Missouri at Columbia. He also travels across America and internationally, speaking about The Ringing Cedars Series and its global impact. After receiving a Master’s degree in Natural Resources Management from Indiana University at Bloomington, he worked for two years as Programme Manager at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Russia) in Moscow, where he also served as editor of Russia’s largest environmental magazine, The Panda Times. Together with his wife, Irina Sharashkina, he has translated into Russian Small is beautiful and A guide for the perplexed by E.F. Schumacher, The secret life of plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, The continuum concept by Jean Liedloff and Birth without violence by Frederick Leboyer.



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