the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 8, part 1. The New Civilization (2005)

The Jewish question


Recently, for the umpteenth time already over the past mil-lennium, passions have been inflamed over the ‘Jewish ques-tion’.

There has been more and more talk about the spread in both Europe and Russia of extremist views, including anti- Semitism. The European Jewish Congress has linked this sit-uation with the growth of Muslim populations in European countries, which are, they say, aggressively anti-Jewish. But there are many concrete historical examples testifying to the fact that aggression can be deliberately provoked. And this is now actively being pursued by certain circles. The provokers may even come from the ranks of the Jews themselves.

One has the impression that some kind of order has been received regarding the organisation of pogroms. Jewish po-groms are very profitable to someone, and I’m talking about financial profit. Extremist organisations do not derive any financial benefit from pogroms — rather, they suffer losses. But these pogroms offer a palpable benefit to countries where Jewish members of the financial oligarchy flee to legalise their multibillion-dollar incomes and obtain international immunity from prosecution.

And for the sake of such financial benefit they are ready to subject to abuse ordinary and utterly harmless Jews living on Russian territory This has happened over and over again in the annals of the long-suffering Jewish people.

What’s the point of a pogrom? The logic is simple. Public opinion is turning against the oligarchs, the financial mag-nates, as never before. According to government statistics, approximately 70% of Russia’s population believe that they should be immediately censured and dispossessed. Acting on the basis of law, the President, the Government and the Russian Prosecutor’s Office are attempting to investigate the activity of a number of oligarchs. They have declared war on corruption and it appears as though over the next four years the oligarchs may indeed be obliged to forfeit their financial holdings. Given the situation, they are naturally trying to get out of the country.

But then there is the problem of how to legalise their trans-fer of capital to the West. The surest way is to provoke a kind of pogrom that will shock the world community. It’s easy to see what happens next. The financial magnates simply turn up in one of the Western countries while these pogroms are going on and declare themselves political refugees. Naturally this provides them with not only political asylum but also a legalisation of their financial holdings, even while they may still maintain at least partial control over resources and facto-ries back home through dummy CEOs or trusted associates.

And herein lies an important message for all Russian citi-zens, especially those organisations which call themselves pa-triotic. Don’t ever give in to provocation or stoop to the level of organising pogroms against synagogues. You will only be acting out somebody else’s script.

It would be wrong to accuse all Jews of machinations and unseemly acts. Just like Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians, Jews come in all stripes and colours. I offer the following as proof. I was once the featured speaker at a readers’ conference in Kazan,12 where the audience was comprised of different nationalities, including many Muslims. During my remarks I read a chapter from a book by the Jewish writer and poet Efim Kushner13 entitled Beskrovnaya revoliutsiya (A bloodless revolution). Before reading from it, I said that this was a Jewish writer living in Israel but writing about Russia, about her future. When I had finished reading the chapter, the hall broke into thunderous applause.

Muslims, too, applauded this Jewish writer and poet. Why? How did it happen that supposedly aggressive Muslims offered their sincere applause to a Jewish writer?


It happened because in his book he speaks about the mar-vellous future of Russia, linking it to the ideas outlined in the Ringing Cedars Series. He calls upon the Russian government to adopt a programme based on these ideas.

I can tell you right off that he is not the only Jew who ac-cepts and supports Anastasia’s concept set forth in the books. In Israel there is a whole club of readers who have been drawn to the books about this Siberian recluse. Israelis are composing songs in both Russian and Hebrew about the characters in the series. I have the distinct impression that in the final analysis, it will be the Jews who take the lead in putting the ideas into practice, and will draw peoples of many lands along in their wake.

I can at least tell you that I have been informed that right there in Israel significant funds have been set aside for the construction of environmentally clean settlements.

“Oh, those connivers!” people will say later on. “See, they’re stealing the Russian idea out from under us!”

Pardon me, but they are not stealing anything from us. In fact, they are saving this idea! Will you kindly tell me who is preventing the Russian authorities from implementing the ideas in the books? After all, for the past five years, practically, it is these same authorities that have been targeted with a large number of individual and collective letters by Russians living in the Commonwealth of Independent States and else-where in the world.

It is truly a comical situation that has developed. A host of researchers keep talking about the birth of a ‘national idea’ among the Russian people. But the way things are turning out here, it looks as though it will have its first implementation in Israel! Who’s to blame?

Overall, every discussion on the Jewish question so far, at least those in the publications I have access to, seems pretty primitive. Almost all of them boil down to a routine statement

of the facts: “Jews have taken over the press in various countries.” “Pretty much all the TV networks are in Jewish hands.” “Most cash flow is controlled by Jews.”

All this is no doubt true, including here in Russia today But this is simply a statement of fact and nothing more. It is far more important to explain why situations like this have developed in various countries, with an enviable consistency, over a period of centuries.

I can tell you the following right off. It is simply that the Jews are obliged to do this, and we are obliged to fall into line with them, including on the legislative level.

Judge for yourselves: the State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted a law recognising four ‘basic’ religions, two of which are Christianity and Judaism.

According to Christianity, the Christian is the ‘slave’    of God. Wealth is not welcomed. In St. Petersburg, where I am writing these lines, I can see from my hotel window the huge Orthodox Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin of Vladimir, on the facade of which is written in large, gold lettering: Hear, Our Lady, the prayer of thy slave.h

According to Judaism, the Jew is the chosen one of God; to him belong wealth and lands, and usury  is welcomed.

Everybody knows what a huge influence religions exercise on Man’s mentality, character development and way of life.

So let us be consistent in the logic of our actions. The highest legislative organ of our land has accepted these two concepts, at the same time designating who is to be slave and who is to be ruler.

And, being the law-abiding citizens that we are, let us not keep deceiving each other, but let us accept as a given, accord-ing to the law adopted by our government, that the Jews have authority over us.

Now there are some that will not be satisfied with such a position. Some will even consider such a statement absurd. But let us not close our eyes to the actualities of life. Let us see clearly the causes of what is going on, or we shall keep on tasting the consequences with an unyielding regularity.

If someone is unhappy over the current situation, then by all means let us work together to find an alternative.

The solution might be an idea acceptable with equal en-thusiasm to Muslims, Christians, Jews and members of other faiths.

Such an idea exists. Not only will it fix the situation, but it holds the future in its hands. There are specific facts and life situations that attest to this.

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