the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 6. The Family Book (2002)

The priest who still rules the world today


Now you see an elderly man. Do not be surprised at his modest appearance. In terms of clothing and behaviour he is indistin-guishable from most other people, and as you can see, he is sur-rounded by ordinary things. And his house is not that big — his staff comprises just two servants. He has a family: a wife and two sons. But even his family do not know who he actually is.

And yet he does have one outward distinguishing feature: if you observe him closely, you can see that he spends the whole day in isolation. And on his face you can see the depth of his meditation. Whenever he eats, or talks with his wife (although their conversations are rather rare), his eyes look as though they are concealed behind a foggy film. And even when he watches television, his eyelids are slightly lowered, he never shows surprise and never laughs. In fact he hardly watches any television at all. He merely pretends to watch, and during this time he is deep in intensive thought. He is working out grandiose plans. And exercising control of events in whole countries. He is the High Priest from a dynasty of priests, having inherited from them a knowledge of the occult, which he will also be able to transmit to one of his sons. It will take him just a year to convey everything orally to his successor, whom he is training in secret without his even knowing it — the priest has long been developing specific abilities within his son.

All the world’s money belongs to the High Priest. All the world’s money works for him — including what you have in your pocket right now. Do not be surprised. I shall show you how this happens, and by what means and for what reason the High Priest prefers not to live in a castle surrounded by an army of guards, why he prefers commonplace routines to special luxury.

The High Priest has no bodyguards because he knows perfectly well that the more visible authority is to all, the greater the need for armed protection. Besides, there is no guarantee that any number of bodyguards, even hundreds of thousands, will succeed in protecting any earthly ruler. Indeed, there have been instances where the guards themselves betray or even kill the ruler. Besides, having bodyguards may entail a lot of problems. There are times when the ruler is compelled to submit to the guards’ terms. Compelled to tell the guards about his intentions — forthcoming trips, for example.

With a bodyguard a ruler is always under observation, and so meditation becomes more difficult for him.

It is much simpler and more reliable to conceal one’s identity. This also wards off intrigues on the part of one’s adversaries, fanatics and challengers to one’s authority

Now you may well be thinking: But how is it possible to control huge numbers of people without assistants, managers and deputies, without drafting laws and disciplining those who fail to carry them out?

It is all very straightforward. The vast majority of the people have been immersed in occultism for a very long time.

The High Priest knows all the tricks of occultism. He does have assistants, managers, drafters of laws, prisons and executioners. He has armies and commanders, though not a single one of those who carry out his missions has any suspicion himself of who is secretly commanding him and by what means the orders are issued.

It is a simple system of control without visible and personal contact.

In cities both large and small of any country there are people who all at once start to hear voices from a source they cannot pin down. And this voice from an unknown source may order a Man to carry out some kind of action, and the Man obeys the order.

Sometimes there is a clearly audible voice, sometimes this Man does not know himself what is happening to him — it is just that he feels some kind of attraction within and he carries out the action ordered.

This kind of phenomenon is known to modern science. Psychiatrists along with other scientists have been attempting to study it for a long time, but to no avail.

Modern science classifies this kind of phenomenon as a type of mental disorder. People who go to doctors and report hearing voices coming out of nowhere and giving them orders are invariably carted off to a hospital. What kind of hospital? A psychiatric institution. In many countries these are very much like prisons. There are a great many of them today in America, Europe and Russia. Patients are treated with all sorts of pills and injections to quiet the mind — this dulls their sensations, making them sleep a lot and become extremely sluggish. And some of these people stop hearing voices as such. Others feign cure in an attempt to procure their release.

But not everyone who hears voices will go see a doctor. Just imagine now that someone submitting to a voice command is in charge of an atomic missile, or in command of an army, or assigned to guard a container of deadly bacteria. And this voice then gives him a bizarre order...

Science has not been able to define the exact nature of this unusual phenomenon. It definitely exists today, and they are afraid to publicise it, but that does not help. In the meantime, they should have been focusing their attention on something more basic: if there is a signal receiver, there must somewhere be a signal transmitter as well.

The High Priest and his assistants know how to transmit voice-commands. They also know what kind of Man each of the many religions is capable of shaping. The priests are the originators of these religions, of occultism itself. They need it in order to control people. The fanatic who believes in the unreal world is like a bio-robot, predisposed to hear the voice- commands and to carry out any order unquestioningly

The High Priest and his assistants know how to set people at odds with each other and start wars among people of different faiths.

Wars may have different specific causes, but in any war the basic weaponry has consisted of discrepancies in people’s beliefs.

All technology and all artificial information channels are similarly controlled by the priests through people. And for this they do not have to control every television broadcast themselves or look over every reporter’s shoulder as he writes. They need only create a general condition whereby all media are out to make money

Television advertising, for example, has become more and more sophisticated, intrusive and aggressive. Any psychologist will tell you that it is nothing less than aggressive mental suggestion aimed at individual viewers — often not to their benefit, but to their harm. People are shamelessly told that commercial advertising cannot be helped — that is what pays for the programmes people watch. But then every TV viewer pays for all these adverts by purchasing products at the suggestion of the advertisers. Advertising costs are included in the retail price of the product. What can be more sorry than a situation like that?

And money acts as a huge and powerful lever for the priest’s influence.

I told you that even the money you have in your pocket right now serves the High Priest. Here is how it all happens.

A simple pattern may be observed in the convoluted banking system we have: money withdrawn by someone from a bank increases the bank’s capital. For example, let us say Russia as a country borrows on credit from an international bank. It is then obliged to pay back with considerable interest much more than it originally borrowed. How is the difference made up? From the taxes you pay — or, let us say, even when a pensioner buys a quarter-kilo of bread, a tax is also included as a percentage of the price. And that percentage, or at least a part of it, goes to the international bank. Thus capital flourishes, but whose? The High Priest’s. Without even touching the capital himself, he is able to direct the flow of money into wars, occult activities or the production of deadly medicines.

His goal is simple. Pride dominates in him, and it constantly aspires to create its own world, distinct from the world God made, and hold it in subjection. And the priests partially succeed in achieving the objectives they desire. People’s concerns about their everyday lives are a great help to them in this. And they themselves stir up concerns among the people to distract them.

Note how when people are distracted by everyday concerns they do not notice that less and less information is being provided them. There are stricter and stricter prohibitions on bringing up the one basic question: is the path to which all mankind is now aspiring the right one?

If they could only free themselves from distraction, many might be able to come to a conclusion for themselves: seeing how every year diseases are on the rise, wars are not ceasing and each day brings greater and greater disasters, the path we are on is doubtful, to say the least. But oh the distractions! They do not allow for any kind of contemplation. The priest, on the other hand, is engaged minute by minute in meditation, creating designs and having them carried out by the hands of millions of people...   clarification along the way; This time I stayed longer than usual in the taiga. As I was leaving, I realised I was suffering from information overload and that it would be difficult for me to set everything down in a book. Besides, the things she said were so extraordinary, raising questions about religion and authority. In our religious denominations today there are a great many fanatics, all kinds of them. They are ready to go after anyone who encroaches on their beliefs! What do I need these problems for?



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