the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 1. Anastasia (1996)

The star woman (Not published)


(Machine translation)


Original text on russian


In one of nights of stay at Anastass I could see, how she communicates with stars.

Overnight Anastas has told:

- Vladimir, forthcoming night significant for me. I cannot go to bed near to you. But you do not worry, I can call a she-wolf, and it will protect an input in a dugout and you sleeping.

I would not like to sleep to one in a dugout. The manhole in it was not closed in any way, any animal could come and attack the sleeping person. To Anastas animals protect, and I, remained one, it can and not be pleasant to them. Probably, bad they to me also will not make anything, but the feeling of alarm or fear all the same will not allow to fall asleep.

And I have asked:

- Anastas, and you where will be this night?

- I will be in water on lake, Vladimir.

- To bathe, means, you will be. To you that, necessarily this night to bathe?

- Yes, Vladimir, such night one in a year, and I should not pass it.

I did not begin to ask, why it is necessary for it to be on lake this night, me the question as to secure more interested.

And I have offered:

- I too with you on lake will go. I will sit ashore while you will bathe.

- Well, Vladimir. Only you put on more warmly, and give we grasses dry we take: you on it if you will want, can have a sleep.

So we also have made. When has darkened, I have lain down on a dry grass and began to look behind an event.

This night was warm and windless. Crones of trees did not rustle, was not audible any chirring in a grass and rustles of night inhabitants of a taiga. In the clear sky the set of stars unusually brightly shone.

Anastas stood on the bank of lake and silently looked at its smooth surface in which as in a mirror the big and small stars were reflected. Then it has removed a dress and bared has entered into lake. Some time it stood knee-deep in water, has then sat down and to iron palms of hands began carefully water. And suddenly Anastas has dived into the star scattering reflected in water. It has dived carefully, in any way without having excited water. Having come up, has slowly floated on a circle. It gradually reduced diameter of circles, it has not appeared yet exactly on the lake middle. There it has turned on a back and remained to lie on water, faced to the sky, having stretched hands in the parties.

From that heavenly stars were reflected in lake water, appear, that it lies in the middle of the space filled with heavenly bodies from different directions, from above and from below, and itself is a part of star family.

Water in lake pulsed soft, hardly appreciable multi-coloured light. The star lake and all space around bewitched, and I have fallen asleep, without thinking of what.

Has woken up at a dawn when in lake any more there was no reflexion of stars, and Anastas sat next, dressed in the knitted dress, having clasped hands knees and having put on them a head. It did not move.

Though there was absolutely early morning, I could not sleep any more. It would be desirable to learn, what for it has done such strange night procedure?

I have moved to Anastass and, for some reason having stroked it on a hand, have told:

- You only do not take offence, Anastas, that I to you will tell.

- Speak, Vladimir, I will not take offence.

- It was very beautiful on lake at today's night. I of such beauty never in life saw also sensations such pleasant never tested. It seemed that this lake not Siberian is in a taiga, and in the middle of the Universe. But only in vain, Anastas, you so long were in water. Now you should take care. I think that you should not be engaged in such procedures which you have done this night. After all water already insufficiently warm for bathing, you can catch a cold or still something negative will occur, and you after all wait for the child and should take care, as in this procedure or ritual any I do not see any sense.

- In that I have done, there is a sense, Vladimir.

- What?

- Water from this lake I was washed by mum when I was born. And in general water very much also is very significant, it is present at all live that exists in the Universe.

Life water comprises all information on life creation in the Universe. Still it contains all thoughts and the feelings ever made by the person. Still water can feel and react to human emotions.

- Probably, it and so, Anastas, I do not know, but what for thus to bathe at night in lake? For what it is necessary for you?

- I want, Vladimir to learn as there lived people from the very first occurrence and till today. To define, when and during what moments and centuries they were happiest. That brought it the greatest happiness. Then to tell about it to today's people that they were happy that our children were happy.

- But unless it is possible - to learn act of people which many centuries lived back?

- Probably, Vladimir. When the child is born, growing up, it becomes similar to the parents outwardly, and not only outwardly, but also it is similar and to the first person. At it the same blood, and it is deep in memory at it all information is stored, beginning from creation, only he does not think of this information but if to try, it is possible to remember all.

- We will admit, it is possible, but these memoirs will be only about ancestors of the concrete person.

- Certainly, Vladimir, certainly only about ancestors, about the primogenitors. And memory in my sections shows me pictures from life of my far primogenitors, only mine.


Anastas has jumped, has run up to lake and has carefully touched water, has then turned to me and has continued:

- But water knows about the past of all people, in it there is an information on all and about everything that sometime occurred in the Universe. And she helps me to see it. When I am in water, in the lake centre, and I think, she thinks a place with me and searches for the necessary pictures, it even scans all event on all planets, because it everywhere.

In lake stars are reflected, and stars in my opinion are reflected, during this moment we are uniform. All information of the Universe becomes accessible to the person for during this moment he feels itself(himself) as the Universe part. The Universe rejoices, when the person feels itself as its part and is ready to serve it, помысленное the person into a reality to realise.

I listened, as with quiet confidence tells Anastas about the Universe, stars and water, and thought: «Here there lives in a taiga the young beauty, there are at it no household problems, as in our texnocratic world, maybe, therefore its thought and representation on a universe such unusual. She with such confidence says about the representations about the world that somehow it is inconvenient to speak to it about the doubts to its statements».


Aloud I have told:

- You, Anastas as if the scientist-researcher you analyze mankind life. What time interval to you managed to be seen?

- While absolutely a little, only nine millenia.

Is yours a little very much even much. And what conclusions from seen you have made?

- I will tell to you, Vladimir, about my conclusions later, or simply I will show the seen pictures, and you and other people will draw conclusions from them.

- People, of course, can do conclusions if will believe you told. You, for example, unusually say about water, and where proofs to what water can store the information, moreover and to human emotions to react?

- I think, they are at your modern scientists.

- I about it heard nothing. In general at us to water the simple relation - it simply water, a part of the nature surrounding the person.

- Yes, the part, a live part, very few people thinks of it, how about a live being. You ask proofs, and it in spite of the fact that the most part of your body consists of water.

- I can, Vladimir to tell about actions with which help any person himself can feel great possibilities of water of life.

- Tell.

- To you or those who will wish to test on itself salutary properties of water, at first it is necessary to find a spring with the water most pleasant to taste. To bring this water home to pour on vessels and to freeze.

Every evening to put necessary for use in the afternoon a quantity of water in a beautiful vessel on a table, it is desirable, that under a vessel there was a slice of a green fabric. Before a dream it is necessary for water to tell kind words, it is possible to think simply of it tenderly.

In a room it should not be too warm, it is necessary that in water remains a little bit ice. If it does not remain, it is necessary to add the slice of ice stored separately on a frost.

It is desirable to add and in warm water a small slice of ice. And in hot tea which you drink. When ice will thaw, it is desirable to think of water with caress, it is possible to tell it pleasant words, as to a live being. In thawed snow it is possible to drip one droplet of cedar oil. Not very well, this droplet will get to what volume of water, the information from it will extend on all volume of water, and this information is very important.

Before a dream it is possible to stroke a vessel with water and to exhale on water air from itself.

Next day, when you will wake up, it is necessary to greet water. Water is desirable for drinking small slow drinks. And still it is possible to moisten with it the person.


If in your body there are any diseases, water will start to treat them and will necessarily cure. You will feel improvement in three days.

If you will use water ninety nine days, even serious illnesses will leave your body, and you will see, how the skin on your person considerably will improve.

If you want, that your body has looked younger also thought began to work with greater speed besides the water use it is possible to use cedar oil in the morning, at midday and in the beginning of evening, each time on one drink. Still honey from different grasses and pollen flower, in quantity how many to you it will be pleasant. But with water it is not necessary to mix them. If so you do thirty days, your thought will earn with greater speed, and the body will look younger.

- That you have told, Anastas, is worthy, because told it is possible to check up both scientific, and to simple people. But whence you it know all? From the ancestors?

- From water, - has said Anastas, and has laughed, has begun to spin, rejoicing to something, has then stopped and has added seriously: - And from stars I know it.

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