the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 8, part 1. The New Civilization (2005)

There is a solution


“I think, Papa, that you will be able to help me if you really want to,” said Volodya quietly

“You think so? But, you see, I have no idea what to do. You may think so, but I have no idea.”

I was still sitting on the grass, while Volodya stood in front of me, looking me in the eye with some kind of an imploring gaze, his lips whispering something inaudible. I could tell by his lips that he was saying one particular word over and over again. Then, without taking his eyes away, he said it distinctly:

“Sis-ter. I earnestly beg of you, Papa, to bear me a sister, together with Mama. I shall nurse her and raise her myself. They will help me. We shall not distract you and Mama from your activities. I shall teach her, when she grows a little. I shall tell her about everything. She will remain here with my creatures and my Space.

“Bear me a sister, together with Mama. Unless, of course, you are ill... or are too tired. That is, of course, if you can. Grandfather told me that men in your world often get ill and grow older faster because of the way of life there, the air not fit to breathe and the foul water. You are a little past fifty years old, Papa. But if you are tired, Papa... If your strength is pretty much exhausted... Then spend three days with me. Just three days. I have everything all prepared, and a great deal of strength will be restored to you.”

My son was excited, and I interrupted him.

“Wait, Volodya, calm down. Of course I’m a little tired. But I think I’ll have enough strength. That’s not the point. In principle I have nothing against giving you a sister, but when it comes to bearing children, a desire on the part of both parents is required.”

“I am sure of it, Papa. I know for certain that Mama will not refuse. If you agree, let us not waste any time, but begin right now to prepare for the birth of my sister. I have been studying up on it. Grandfather has helped me a great deal. I have made calculations and have everything prepared. Stay with me three days and three nights, and do not go off anywhere, and do not get distracted by anything, Papa. Your energy and strength will increase.”

“What makes you think I don’t have enough energy or strength, Volodya?”

“I think you have enough, but you shall have more.”

“Okay, I shall spend all three days with you alone, but we must go and let Mama know.”

“I shall explain everything to her myself, Papa. I shall tell her we have a common project. She will not go into specifics and will not object.”

“Well, all right, then, let’s get started.”

I even began to wonder what my son had prepared that would restore a great deal of strength and energy to Man after only three days. And I shall say right off that the procedures he prepared may seem rather strange, but the sensation resulting from them on the third day defies explanation in words or writing.

It wouldn’t be appropriate, either, to say that a Man be-comes ten or twenty years younger, though he may indeed look as much as five years younger. But on the inside... Somehow everything inside me seemed to be working differently Not only did I have new strength, but the world around me seemed just a bit different.



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