the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 6. The Family Book (2002)

To live in a marvellous reality


What kind of society are we living in today, anyway? What are we striving for? What do we suppose we can build in the future? The overwhelming majority of the Russian population will answer without hesitation:

“We live in a democratic state and are striving to build a free democratic society, just like in the developed, civilised Western countries.”

That is exactly what the majority of politicians and political strategists will say

That is exactly what they say on TV and in newspaper columns.

That is exactly what the majority of people in our country think.

That majority opinion exactly confirms Anastasia’s statement that a part of the people in our modern civilisation are asleep, while the rest, because of their programming, are mere bio-robots in the hands of a bunch of priests who imagine themselves to be the rulers of the world.

If one can just stop and withdraw one’s self, even a little, from the world’s feverish daily monotonous commotion and think independently, it should be possible to understand the following facts.

Democracy! Just what is democracy, anyway? What concept does the word itself denote? The majority will answer by quoting the well-known Great Encyclopedic Dictionary  or the Dictionary of the Russian Language,  both of which offer pretty much the same terse definition:

Democracy is a form of political system or social order in a state, based on the recognition of the people as a whole as the source of authority. The basic principles of democracy are the authority of the majority, the equality of citizens...

And in highly developed countries people choose their parliaments and presidents by majority vote.

‘Choose? Utter nonsense! A complete illusion! There are no choices or elections! Not once, not even in a country which considers itself the most democratic and civilised on the globe, have the people themselves ever held power.

But the elections? They are a complete illusion! Remember what always happens before elections in any so-called democratic country Teams of political strategists working for each candidate fight among themselves, spending huge sums of money and sophisticated methods of psychological influence on people through the mass media, TV and graphic promotional campaigns.

And the more highly developed the country, the more sophisticated the technological methods of suggestion employed.

It is clearly evident that the victory always goes to the team of political strategists that can exert the most influence and the greatest power of suggestion. It is under the influence of this suggestion that people go and vote. They think they are voting by their own will. In fact they are merely carrying out somebody else’s will.

Thus it turns out that modern democracy is an illusion of the masses. It is their faith in an unreal social order — an unreal, illusory world.

It all boils down to this: subordination to the majority does not exist in the natural world. All the groups of plants, animals and insects may be subject to instinct, the movement of the planets, the order established by Nature, or the leader of

a herd. And in human groupings it is always the minority that is in control.

It is not the majority that has fomented revolutions and wars, but the majority participated in revolutions and wars at the consciously directed suggestion of a minority That’s the way it has been and that’s the way it is now.

Democracy is the most dangerous illusion people have been exposed to en masse. It is dangerous because in the democratic world it is only too easy for any democratic country to end up being ruled by one person, or a small group of people. For that, all they need is a pile of money and a good team of psychologists and political strategists.

And we — today’s parents, living under the influence of illusions, are still trying to raise our children. But in actual fact what we are doing is introducing — pushing, one might say — their consciousness into a world of illusion... We are in fact handing them over into somebody else’s clutches... Only not to God. We are handing them over to some kind of opposite of God.

God’s world is not illusory, it is real and beautiful. It has its own unsurpassed fragrances, colours, shapes and sounds. The gates to this world are always open, and we are always free to enter, if only we can shake off the illusions that have been fettering our consciousness.

I too shall write my own Book of Kin for my descendants — indeed, for myself. And among other things I shall most certainly write the following:

world of Nature has suffered at the hands of people’s con-sciousness. Suffered terribly; I realise this and am trying to correct the situation. I will do whatever I can, even if it is only creating a design for my domain. Perhaps even just a part of it. The main thing is to understand and have my children understand.

As before, Anastasia sat quietly by and listened while I vented my reasonings aloud. When I stopped, she got up, walked over to the window and observed:

“The stars are beginning to twinkle in the sky. It is time for me to go, Vladimir. You are right in many respects. But be careful not to let these new visions of reality make you want to control others. Get the better of such a temptation and do not join any organisations. Other people, too, are seeing this reality Once they have organised, they will bring about a significant achievement on the Earth. You will understand your own destiny in life.”

“I’m not aiming to join anything or control anybody, Anastasia. But what is this destiny of mine you speak about?” “The time will come when you will feel this for yourself. Right now lie down on the bed, go to sleep and rest. You are excited. It is possible that an untrained heart will not be able to withstand such excitement.”

“Yes, I know. But if I go to sleep, you will go away. You always do. Sometimes I have a strong desire for you to stay and not go away I want you to be always beside me.”

“I am always beside you. Whenever you think of me. You will soon begin to feel and understand this. Now wash yourself with water and go to sleep.”

“I can’t sleep. Lately I haven’t been sleeping all that well. My thoughts have been keeping me awake.”

“I shall help you, Vladimir. Would you like me to read some of the poetry your readers have sent in, and sing you a lullaby?”

“Go ahead and try, perhaps I really shall nod off to sleep.”

After I washed and lay down in my bed which had already been made up, Anastasia sat down beside me and placed her hand on my forehead. Then she ran her fingers through my hair and softly sang a song written by one of my readers from Ukraine. Anastasia sang very softly, only it seemed that many people and the stars in the sky were listening to her song — listening to her pure voice and her words:


Take my hand this hour...

Tomorrow, you will see,

Is another day, but now

You can press your cheek to me.

Thus hour after hour You may sleep in sweet relief,

For from your strands of hair I’ll gather up the grief.

And I shall spread a blanket fine,

Blue with stars all woven,

I shall stay a long, long time,

Just so you won’t get frozen.

If only you’ll receive me.

From the night I’ll come and stand All throughout the ages.

I’ve learnt to heal ills by my hand,

Which all pain assuages.

If only you’ll believe me.

Down from a high incline Past us stones will tumble.

I know ahead of time Where you’re going to stumble.

Into church and palace You’ll go, a hero bright.

All the pretty lasses I shall keep from your sight.

In a world of black and white I too’ll live unimpeded,

So that swords and bows drawn tight Will never more be needed.

If only you, if only you If only you will love me.

I’ll let loyal Sparrow fly up and team
 With Crane in the heavens above you.
 I dare not come into your dream...

Too tenderly I love you.


Before immersing myself in a deep and calm sleep, I managed to think: Of course, tomorrow is another day. It will be better. I shall describe the dawn of a brand new day. And many people will start writing in their Books of Kin about how a splendid new beginning has been dawning on mankind. And these will be the greatest nA reference to the Russian proverb: Luchshe sinitsa v ruke, chern zhuravl’na nebe (lit. ‘Better [to have] a sparrow (titmouse/chickadee) in one’s hand than a crane in the sky’). Like its English counterpart, A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, it suggests a cautious, conservative approach to life which the poet’s heroine now finds herself ready to give up, releasing the sparrow so that she may join the crane in the sky.

historical books for their descendants for thousands of years of time. And one of them will be mine. Tomorrow I shall start writing a new book, and now I shall be able to give it a more coherent-sounding design. And the new book will define a new historic turning-point for the people of the Earth — a turning to the marvellous reality of the Divine.

Until we meet again, dear readers, in this new and marvellous reality!


Vladimir Megre


To be continued...

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