the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 8, part 1. The New Civilization (2005)




As supreme ruler of the Russian State, you are undoubtedly more interested than anyone else in the prosperity of our country Like any head of state, you would like to be recognised by the public for having left the brightest of all possible legacies during your tenure in office — namely, laying a foun-dation for the prosperity of our nation and its people.

Similarly, every Russian family desires to shape its life and daily routine in a manner worthy of human existence. And every mother who bears a child dreams about a happy future for her offspring, realising that such a future is possible only when the nation as a whole is heading in a clear and predict-ably good direction.

It is on this premise that you are endeavouring to build our national institutions — our government, our ministries and our regional authorities. Nevertheless, no matter how sincere your desires and the endeavours of our state apparatus may be, our country continues to be plagued by corruption, drug addiction, prostitution, juvenile crime and many other social ills.

Our environmental and demographic situation is becoming hopelessly entangled. Families are falling apart. The country’s overall population is in daily decline. We as a people are simply dying out.

Everything you are doing is extremely important: the con-solidation of the vertical power structure, the reorganisation of the state apparatus, the reform of the military, the doubling of the GDP in the economic sector. All our national indicators are on the plus side, the dynamics are positive, but... the public doesn’t feel it. The people of our country — our neighbours, colleagues and co-workers, relatives, parents and

children — are all finding it more and more difficult to understand each other, to find kind and sympathetic words to say to each other, to build their mutual relationships on the basis of honesty decency and trust. Fear for tomorrow, for the future of their children, shows no signs of letting up. Are not these the most important indicators to consider?

We see signs of an increasingly active struggle against so-cial ills, but these ills are not abating. Why not? Why do the people’s desires and the President’s endeavours not corre-spond with what is happening on the ground?

Isn’t it time we all faced the truth squarely in the eye and came to the conclusion that we are struggling merely with effects, and not with their underlying causes? Isn’t it time for you to openly admit that our country is playing host to an ideology foreign to our society, and realise that there are certain definite forces underlying many of our ongoing social ills? As a professional KGB man, you couldn’t help but be aware of this.

These forces have made such fools of our peoples that we are beginning to suffer from tunnel vision. Take a simple ex-ample: advertising. Both learned psychoanalysts and ordinary people will tell you that mass advertising is nothing but a de-vice which exerts a powerful influence on the human psyche. With the aid of this device people in many countries can be persuaded to consume food products which are harmful to their health, or wear uncomfortable clothing, or vote for certain politicians. And this device, which can exert a colossal influence on masses of people, seems to be in your hands, in the hands of our national government. Isn’t that so?

Most definitely not\ It is actually subject to other masters. Attempts to bring resolution to this question immediately give rise to accusations of violating freedom of speech. These accusations come from those who actually have no interest whatsoever in promoting people’s freedom of speech. The mass media are, in fact, in the hands of the world’s financial magnates.

And they keep spreading this monstrous lie among whole populations, hiding behind the cynical excuse that it is adver-tisers who support all TV and all the interesting programmes we “so love to watch”. But, in fact, TV is not paid for by any advertisers. All they do is pass on a portion of the money they collect from the public, which they build into the cost of their products in order to pay for their advertising on TV, radio, public transport and the street. Thus it turns out that the public collectively are the real supporters ofTV operations — every time they purchase substandard consumer goods and food products containing chemical additives. They support mediocre and downright shoddy TV programmes and soap operas, which keep promoting the image of Man as a mania-cally preoccupied Neanderthal.

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