the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

Book 6. The Family Book (2002)

Who saved America?


‘Anastasia, I’ve got it... I did some analysing, comparing your sayings with the events which took place in America, and it all became clear... Listen to me, and correct me if I’m wrong. The series of terrorist acts which occurred on н September in America — it wasn’t complete. The organisers were preparing something a lot bigger, weren’t they?... Of course they were. Only I can’t fill in the details. In general, I think, I’ve got it. But the details... Can you help me here?”

“I can.”

“Then tell me.”

“The mastermind behind this was counting on six terrorist groups to act in succession. Each of the six groups was to act independently at its appointed time, without knowing anything about each other. And their leaders did not know who was behind it all or what the ultimate goal was. Each group was made up of religious fanatics, ready to die for the cause.

“Only one group was comprised of people who had agreed to carry out the dirty deeds for money

“The first group was to simultaneously seize control of all civil aircraft in the skies over the country, as well as those taking off from airports and those approaching American airspace. All the seized aircraft were to be used to destroy targets of national importance.

“Six days prior to this another group was to infect the wa-ter-supply system in twenty major hotels. The plan was drawn up in such a way that it would be virtually impossible to trace the source of the infection and the location of the perpetrating agents. Each agent was supposed to take a room in one of the hotels, place a special device on the cold-water tap and open the tap. Instead of water flowing from the tap, the air pressure would force a deadly powder back into the whole system. After this the tap would be shut off and the following morning the perpetrator would be making his way to a hotel in another city

“The bacteria released into the water-supply system would become glutinous upon contact with the water, sticking to the sides of the pipes, swell up, multiply and flow downward. In twelve days they would have proliferated a great deal. In an ordinary, natural-water setting they would be incapable of proliferating — they would be destroyed by other bacteria. But such a balance is absent in an artificial supply system, where Man has deprived the water of many of its natural properties.

“During peak consumption periods — when people would be washing themselves in the morning, for example — the water flow would cause a part of the bacteria to come loose, and contaminated water would come out of the tap. People washing themselves would feel nothing at first. But after eight to twelve days small abscesses would appear on their skin at an increasing rate. They would grow in size and suppurate. The disease would be highly infectious and very difficult to cure, though the attack organisers possess an antidote...

‘A lot of people would be infected in many countries. Soon it would be discovered that these people had all stayed at hotels, but this would become evident only after the planes crashed.

“It pains me to talk about the wretched deeds to be carried out by the other perpetrators. The net result of all the acts of terrorism taken together were designed to produce a climate of panic and dread.

“Many people would begin leaving the country, taking their families with them. They would attempt to relocate their capital to banks in lands where they considered it less dangerous to live. But not every nation would agree to accept refugees from the USA. Most countries’ populations would be gripped by fear and terror — especially if what had been considered the most powerful state in the world could not cope...”

“Stop, Anastasia! Let me try to guess. After that the mas-terminds would announce themselves — I mean, put forward their demands through some kind of intermediaries.”


“But they didn’t succeed in carrying out all the attacks they had envisaged. They didn’t succeed in wholly frightening Americans. They didn’t manage to do everything they had planned because they were forced to start acting quite a bit before they were fully prepared. That’s how the illogicality arose. The terrorist acts took place, but they didn’t follow through with any demands. The whole process got cut off! And I think I can guess why Because the real masterminds are to be found among the priests who are alive today. And they were frightened by Bush’s actions and were obliged to jump the gun. Right?”

“Yes. They...”

“Wait, Anastasia! I’ve got to understand all this for myself — I’ve got to learn how to understand. This is very important. If I can get it, that means others like me will also be able to discern the reality we live in. That means everybody will understand what must be done to better our lives.”

“Yes, Vladimir. If you have been able to understand, other people will too. Some right off, with others it will take time, but people will start building their lives in a splendid reality Go on, only a little more calmly — there is no need to get so emotional about it.”

“But I’ve almost got myself calmed down now. Or maybe not. This is hard to talk about without getting emotional. But hey! — The President of America, Bush, has really stirred things up for those smart asses. I realised how horrified they must have been when he... When President Bush all at once upped and left for his ranch in Texas.

“Just six months after taking office, the President takes a holiday and goes away for close to a month! And where does he go? Not to some fashionable resort. Not to some exotic castle. He goes to his ranch, where he has a small house. Even the usual lines of presidential communication are missing. All he’s got there is one very ordinary telephone. And no proliferation of TV channels, seeing he hasn’t got a satellite dish. The media commentators mentioned these facts, but nobody realised what was behind them. I read on the Internet everything I could about Bush’s trip to his ranch. Just the fact was stated. They were surprised that he took a holiday so early in his mandate. And for such a long time. He spent twenty-six days at his ranch. He didn’t allow any press people to visit, and didn’t invite a bunch of officials.

“Nobody, but nobody, understood! Here was George Bush, the President of the United States of America, taking a colossal step which not a single president had ever taken before in the whole history of the country. Maybe not a single ruler has ever thought of doing something like that over the past five or ten thousand years!”

“You are right, they have not.”

“The beautiful thing is that for the first time the ruler of a huge country, the most important country in the world, much to the horror of all the priests, suddenly tore himself away from his artificial information field. He simply picked himself up and left it behind. And with that he came out from under the control of the occultists.

“Now I understand: rulers are always kept under control. Their daily pronouncements are vigilantly followed, right down to their intonations and facial expressions. Their actions are subject to correction through all kinds of information tossed their way. But when Bush escaped from that field they were horrified. They tried reaching him through occult means — you know, the way you put it, through remote voice commands. But that didn’t work — they didn’t reach him! Just as you said — d’you remember? You said that Nature — the flora and fauna — constituted the natural world, and it does not permit harmful occult influences to reach Man. It protects Man, provided Man has made contact with the natural world — the one he has created himself.”

“Yes, that is it, exactly”

“George Bush, of course, evidently did not create what was growing on his ranch. But he was the one who selected the location. He treated it with love — love for the Nature there, which is obvious from many facts. And Nature reacted to his love. It responded to him in kind. It protected him in the same way as the vegetation growing in one’s family domain. Is something like that possible, Anastasia, when someone hasn’t planted things himself, yet they still react?”

“It is possible. Sometimes they will react when Man treats his surroundings with sincerity and love. A similar thing happened in the case of George Bush.”

“So there! I was right. Here was the President on his very own ranch. Everybody thought he wasn’t receiving any information. But in actual fact the flow of artificial information from the artificial world significantly lessened. And the flow of natural information from the world around him significantly increased. The President took it in through the rustling of the leaves, the splashing of the water, the singing of the birds and the whistling of the wind, and he meditated. He analysed! He thought! This fact is something they will try to ‘wipe out’, to forget, or to refrain from talking about. They’ll try to change the subject. But they won’t succeed! Bush will still go down in millennial history.

“I’ve got it, Anastasia. Of course one can say a lot of intelligent things and write a lot of songs and poems, like King Solomon did in the Bible. Or one can act more radically and convincingly, like Bush, and thereby say to the world: Look here, people. I’m rich, I have supreme power over the strongest country in the world. But none of this is the most important thing for Man’s being. Man’s soul, along with its Divine essence,prefers something else: not an artificially created world, but the natural world, created by God. My ranch is dearer to my sold than gold and technocratic achievements. And that is why I am going to my ranch. Той too should be thinking people, about your aspirations in life!

“The American President has come up with the best, the strongest and most convincing advertisement for the family domains you spoke of. The future family domains of Russia — of the whole world! If people don’t understand it after this, then mankind really is asleep. Or just about everyone’s under somebody’s hypnosis. And that’s why they’re sick and in agony, that’s why they use drugs and go to war and kill each other. If mankind doesn’t come out of this hypnosis after your words, after Bush’s actions, then it’s going to take a disaster.

“Bush is the President. He’s the most informed person in our technocratic world, since he has access to information from special services and various think tanks. And he is aware of the information offered by the natural world. He

can do comparisons and analyses. He did this and showed with his actions...

“Wait — another incredible coincidence. No, a whole series of coincidences ----- if, indeed, they are coincidences. You were saying... You say things, and they come to pass... You told me that at the start of the new millennium the Russian President would pass a law concerning the land, to grant every Russian family a hectare of land free of charge.

“Well, on the 21st of February 2001 all the TV news programmes carried a report on a session of the State Council of governors under the chairmanship of the Russian President, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The session looked at the land question — specifically, private ownership of land, including farmland. The various governors assembled had different opinions on the question. The majority of regional leaders — members of the State Council — were in favour of making land available to Russians as private property

“Judging by his remarks and his address, as well as by the fact that he was the one who had put the land question before the State Council, it appeared that the President was also in favour of allocating land to people as private property with the right of inheritance.

‘And so the upshot of the session was a directive to the gov-ernment to prepare draft legislation on the land issue by May of 2002 and present it to the State Duma for consideration.

“Of course they’re talking about selling, not giving the land away for family domains, and farmland isn’t even on the table, but all the same, it’s a palpable step in the right direction.

‘Anastasia, is all this a chain of coincidences or did you exert some kind of influence on people? Eh? You can give remote voice commands too, can’t you? Of course you can. And you do. Have you been talking with them?”

“Vladimir, I have not been talking with anyone except you, and that has only been today, on the telephone. I have not talked with anybody at a distance, as you suppose. And I never influence anyone against their will.”

“But one time when I was in Moscow I could hear your voice, Anastasia. You weren’t around, yet I still heard your voice.”3 “Grandfather, Vladimir, was near you at that time. Many people can catch thoughts existing in space. It is a natural ability of Man. Earlier all people could do this, and there is nothing bad in it. Because there is no forcing. One Man can touch another at a distance with his thought-ray, send him warm cheer and thereby speed up the thinking process. Every Man possesses this thought-ray, only in varying degrees.”

Preference to Book 2, Chapter 25: “The Space of Love”.

“But your ray is very strong — have you tried touching people with it?”

“Yes, I have. But I shall not mention their names.”

“Why not?”

“The touch of the ray is not important here. What is important is their ability to perceive reality”

‘All right, then, don’t name names. Only... Hey, I’ve got an idea! You know what I just thought of? It’s terrific! After all, you’re able not just to warm people with your ray at a distance, but to burn them too. You can even turn a stone into dust — you demonstrated that once.  So what you should do is burn up the perpetrators of terrorist acts. Burn up the priests — along with all the demonic forces. You were telling me. I remember writing it down: ‘With my Ray I shall take but a moment to burn up the murk of age-old dogma. Stand not between the people and God...’  And so forth. You remember those words of yours?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Why don’t you burn them up? After all, you said that...”

“I was talking about dogmas. I would never dare burn up people with my ray”

“Even the masterminds behind acts of terrorism?”

“Even with them I would not dare.”

“Why not?”

“Think about what you are saying, Vladimir.”

“What’s there to think about? Everyone knows the terrorism masterminds and their accessories need to be destroyed, right away. Armies of various countries have already been mobilised to this end. Special forces. People are dying.”

“Their efforts are to no avail. They will never find and never destroy the real masterminds. They will never be able to stop terrorism that way.”

‘ЛИ the more reason. If you can pinpoint and burn up the masterminds and their accessories in a flash, then do it. Burn them up!”

“Vladimir, perhaps you might give some thought to — you might determine — just who are the masterminds’ accessories, and how many of them there are?”

“Well, sure, I could think about that. Only I doubt I’ll be able to come up with an answer. If you know who, tell me their names.”

“Very well. One of the accessories to terrorism is none other than you, Vladimir — along with your neighbours, friends and acquaintances.”

“What? What are you saying, Anastasia? As for myself, and my friends too, I’m absolutely certain that we are not accessories.”

“The lifestyle of most people, Vladimir, is fertile soil for terror, disease and all sorts of catastrophes. Is not someone who works in a factory producing machine guns and cartridges an accessory to killings?”

“If they manufacture weapons, well, maybe, indirectly. But you were talking about me. And I don’t work in an arms factory.”

“But you smoke, Vladimir.”

“Well, yes. But what’s that got to do with it?”

“Smoking is harmful, hence it follows that you are terrorising your own body.”

“My own...? But we were talking about terrorising other people...”

“Why bring up other people right off? Everyone should carefully examine his own lifestyle. Especially those who live in cities. Do people who ride in motor cars not know what

deadly gas their motor car is polluting the air with? Do people who live in large buildings divided up into a whole lot of flats not know that it is harmful and dangerous to live in these apartments? The way life is organised in big cities is aimed at destroying Man and disorienting Man in respect to natural space. The majority of people who live that way — they are the ones who are accessories to terrorism.”

“Well, let’s say you’re right. But now many are beginning to understand, and they’re going to change their lifestyle. So help people, burn up the masterminds of terrorism with that ray of yours.”

“Vladimir, in order to carry out your request, I would have to charge my ray with a great deal of malicious energy capable of destroying Man.”

“So, what of it? Go ahead and do it. After all, this Man is a mastermind of terrorism.”

“I understand that. But before I can aim malicious energy at another, I would need to concentrate and produce in myself a large amount of this energy. Afterward it can inject itself into me again or be scattered in particles among other people. Yes, I can destroy the High Priest, but his program will continue to operate. And evil will find another priest, and he will be even stronger than the one I destroyed.

“You must understand, Vladimir, that terrorism, murders and crime are many thousands of years old. In Egypt the pharaoh was poisoned by the priests for trying to oppose their actions. When scientists opened his grave in the past century, they discovered that Tutankhamen was only eighteen years old.

“You have read in the Bible about the war of the priests. You yourself might remember that it talks about it in the Old Testament. Before all the Jews were to come out of Egypt, the priests quarrelled among themselves.

“The priest Moses asked for exclusive authority over the Jews, but the other priests would not accede to his request, and then the locusts came and attacked the Egyptian crops. Then a plague came over all their children. Many people and cattle fell victim to the disease. And finally the pharaoh let the Jews go. The residents of Egypt were so frightened they gave them cattle and weapons, as well as gold and silver.

“In the Old Testament it says that God was behind these attacks in Egypt. But could such attacks really have come from God? Of course, they could not have. God creates life to be happy for everyone. The priests caused the terrorism in Egypt when they were attempting to divide the authority among themselves. And then they blamed God for their evil deeds.

“Remember, too, Vladimir, how Jesus was crucified on the cross. Who was crucified along with him, on the crosses next to him? Criminals! That is what the New Testament says. And that was more than two thousand years ago. But they had crime back at that time too. They executed criminals. But what was the result? Crime still exists today It goes up with each passing day Why? Spending thousands of years in constant commotion, people have not realised that you cannot fight evil with evil. In that kind of a fight evil will only get bigger. That is why, Vladimir, I cannot respond to evil with malice.”

“Well, either you can’t or you don’t want to — I don’t suppose it makes much difference overall. When you speak, Anastasia, your arguments are very weighty indeed. It is quite true that mankind has not been able to cope with lawlessness for thousands of years. Maybe they’ve been using the wrong methods all this time. Only when you look at the current situation in the world, no alternative to suppressing terrorism by armed force comes to mind.

‘And another thing: more and more often today we hear the term religious extremism. You’ve heard about that?”


‘And they even say: Islamic religious extremism. They say it’s the strongest religious extremism of all.”

“Yes, so they say”

“So what’s to be done? After all, I have heard Islam is the fastest-growing religion today. Many of my acquaintances are Muslims, and these aren’t bad people, but on the other hand, there are also extremists among the Islamists. They engage in large-scale terrorist activities. How can we counteract them except with military force?”

“The first thing is, not to lie.”

“Not lie to who?”

“To yourself.”

“How so?”

“You know, Vladimir, you have heard about Muslim religious extremism. Many people have been called terrorists. Той are not the only one who knows that — people have been deliberately spreading the news all over the world. It is not difficult to make a lot of people believe a notion like that, when acts of terrorism are actually taking place and Muslims participate in them. But when we talk about Muslim terrorism, we forget about another weighty argument.”

“Which one is that?”

“Those that are called extremists and terrorists believe that it is they who are attempting to put an end to terror and save their people from calamities. And their arguments have substance to them. They believe that they are saving the whole world from the plague brought on by the Western, non-Muslim world.”

“You said that their arguments have substance to them. But I have never heard anything about their arguments. If you know about them, please tell me.”

“Fine, I shall tell you. But try to reason things through for yourself, and then tell me which of the two warring sides is right. The Muslim spiritual leaders say something along this line to their flock: Look, people, look at what the unfaithful bring. The Western world has sunk into the mire of promiscuity and adultery. It wants to inject its fearful diseases into our children too. Allah’s troops must stop the invasion of the unfaithful.”

“Wait, Anastasia, those are mere words. Where are their arguments?”

“They cite facts showing that promiscuity, prostitution and homosexuality are widespread in Western, non-Muslim countries. Crime is prevalent. And every day more and more people are using drugs. And they are unable to stop terrifying diseases — AIDS, for example, and drunkenness.”

‘And you mean to say they don’t have any of that in the Muslim countries?”

“Vladimir, in the Muslim world, in the Muslim countries, there are far fewer drunkards and smokers. There are far fewer cases of AIDS. Their birthrate is not falling as it is elsewhere and there is much less marital infidelity”

“So, it turns out, both sides are convinced they are fighting for a right cause?”


“So, what’s ahead?”

“The priests believe they have already done everything necessary to initiate and spread large-scale war. The Western countries, the Christians, have joined together to attack the Muslim world. Following this, the Muslim world will come together, ready to fight. But the sides will not be equal: the Muslims have no modern weapons. Then, upon seeing their faithful brethren perish, they will get ready thousands of terrorists to make the Western world quit. War will start, but it will be stopped — they will not let it go ahead.”

“Who will stop it?”

“Your readers. A new world-view is being formed in them, different from the one that has prevailed throughout the past

millennia. They are creating in their dreams. Once dreams begin to turn into reality, all wars and diseases will cease.” “D’you mean to say that this will come about when construction of family domains begins? But how do family domains relate to the cessation of conflicts and religious opposition throughout the world?”

“The glad tidings of these domains will keep spreading throughout the world. People all over the globe will be roused out of their hypnotic incarceration, they will awaken from their millennial sleep. They will change their way of life and build a Divine world on the Earth with inspiration.”

“Of course, Anastasia, if what you say begins to take place, and takes place everywhere on the Earth, then the world will indeed change. I know that you dream about this. You believe in your dream and will never betray it. And many people have understood your idea in regard to the family domains. These people are really starting to take action.

“But, Anastasia, you don’t know everything. Come! Come to my flat, to my office. I have something I want to show you right now, and you will see, you’ll understand for yourself what these people are up against.”

“We shall go, Vladimir, and you will show me what has troubled you so.”

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