the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)

Why empires perish


It is possible to give a set of the historical examples connected with action of images which influence human community and provoke planetary accidents. But to the modern person who is especially living in Russia, the situation connected with crash of imperial Russia, and later - the collapse of the USSR will serve as the most bright example.

"From a spark the flame will flare up" - the leader of the world proletariat V. I. Lenin told about the Bolshevist newspaper "Iskra" in which the imperial mode was branded. Systematically the negative image of the imperial power took root and the new, beautiful image of the power Soviet was created. Overthrow a tsarism. The new empire, the USSR having the huge army supplied with nuclear weapon arose and began to develop.

However only seventy years later the great empire of USSR collapses on several certain states, at the same time not always friendly adjusted on the relation to each other. Political scientists determined by responsible for disorder the politicians who signed the agreement on the section, and also an economic and political situation.

By the next consideration all this also is only a consequence of action of images. Let's remember talented books of Solzhenitsyn GULAG and works of other masters of a feather branding the USSR. Other writers at the same time created an image of the prospering states of the West where unlike the USSR shelves of shops burst with abundance of various goods, and happy and free people go in luxury cars. And, speaking about advantages western civilizations, held back the problems existing there.

The future of Russia is also defined by the images introduced in minds and souls of the people living in the country, Unfortunately, it is the whole galaxy of the images leading to destruction of the state. The cult of violence, a cult of money, in thousands of film and television movies form an image of destruction. "The alignment on the West" is propagandized by our many politicians. No economic, military achievements, appeals to be patriots of the homeland to resist to these images are able.

Only other image, image of creation capable to inspire millions of people can resist to an image. Anastasia also created it as opposed to armadas destructive. Hundreds of thousands of people accepted an image of future beautiful country, added to it the representations and began to embody it in reality - to build family estates. The initiative from below coincided also with plans of the government. Positively many famous politicians, statesmen, the famous scientists, cultural figures and leaders of spiritual faiths spoke builders of family estates. Here I will not provide their statement, but everyone can get acquainted with them on the website

These statements, of course, inspired people, but they concerning a kuluarna, though are infinitely courageous. These reasonable words in the environment of anti-reason were heard, breaking through it.


Some statements of the taiga anchoress can seem fantastic, and to me at the beginning of communication with it they too those seemed. Now, fifteen years later after the first meeting with it, a lot of things had to be rethought. It we, modern society, live in the habitat, extremely unnatural for intelligent life. Anastasia speaks about reasonable reality. Methodically builds it and will build, I will try to help it, and hundreds of thousands of other people already help.

And here that still very interestingly. In electronic and printed media, literature and cinema there are almost no heroes who are reasonably communicating with the earth. Remember a way of life and the habitat of any main characters. They are presented, generally in apartments, offices, restaurants, casino, on streets of megalopolises and in that similar places. If show the person consciously communicating with the earth that occurs extremely seldom, then expose this person underdeveloped, the degenerate. In human community it is methodically and purposefully inspired in what habitat there has to pass his life. Whether the similar situation is casual? I think, and it is even sure that it is not casual. It leads to disaster personal, social and planetary.

Already then, after the reflections, talking to Anastasia, I with confidence told:

- I am absolutely convinced: the modern mankind lives in measurement of anti-reason. It thinks of categories of anti-reason therefore it has no distinct plans of creation of the harmonious future. It only establishes the fact of the death, speaks about it.



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