the Ringing cedars of Russia
Vladimir Megre English translation by John Woodsworth

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Book 10. Anasta (2010)

Why the love leaves?


The modern way of life of the person created a set of problems which discussion is under the most strict ban, and there are no times discussion, their permission is absent also.

Worldwide there are billions of the family conflicts, up to fights and murders by each other spouses. In so-called civilized countries to eighty percent of the young people marrying soon get divorced. This procedure is preceded by long negative emotions, stresses, children become unfortunate.

Actually worldwide throughout the millennia there are millions of local wars between the people who tried to create the love union. In them suffer the most severe defeat not only both parties, but also their children.

Such situation is presented to modern mankind as a reality. Say, it is natural - the love comes and leaves. But it turned out that such situation is natural only at people of the artificial world, for true nature of the person it is uncharacteristic.

For the first time the taiga anchoress showed that the initial inclination of young people to each other is not love, it only an impulse to origin of great feeling which arises at connection of three components.

She called these components and showed three most ancient ceremonies helping the birth of true love. I provided them in the previous books. I had to apply the word "ceremony" because in Russian there is no more exact definition characterizing these reasonable actions of the young people and their parents who felt an inclination to each other.

But this subject, as well as many others, was forbidden for available funds of mass information. And moreover, under plausible excuses efforts for blackening of a source began to be made. Business reached what on the first channel of the central Russian television, in transfer under the name "Mysterious Anastasia" certain persons began to declare orderly, as if from reading my books with statements of the taiga anchoress people go crazy. Ridiculously! From reading sex magazines, bloody fighters and viewings of movies about violence do not descend, and from philosophical statements about love, about a way of life of the person descend? Such position demonstrates that in modern society there are forces programming social cataclysms also people through whom they act are highlighted, using misunderstanding of an events essence by them.

And these people can be understood. Imagine what will be if the person who read a series of books "Ringing Cedars of Russia" begins to claim that, using three ancient ceremonies, modern newlyweds during the wedding can create in thirty minutes on the waste ground in the face of all relatives the family estate with a garden in which there will be about one hundred plantings, necessary for life support of a family. Build the house with necessary homestead constructions including with the devoted animals occupied in them, as if by magic. The person approving this fact, the modern people who were not reading a series of books "Ringing Cedars of Russia" can count gone crazy or credulous. But give I slightly I will slightly open the mechanism by means of which in reality and there are these "miracles".

Two young people who felt an inclination to each other according to ancient rules or ceremonies - it is possible to call it somehow - go for a settlement village fence, find to themselves a ground not less than a hectare in size, build a small tent and together in details there and in details sotvoryat the project of the future estate. Actually they sotvoryat, including, and space in which there can be an energy of love. In this project they plan not only the location of the future house and homestead constructions, they specify the place of landing of all plantings in it.

Their actions for creation of the project can borrow on time from three months to one year. When the project is finished, they bypass the relatives, both from the bride, and from the groom, inviting them to take part in a wedding ceremony. At the same time, at this or that family, they tell every time, for example: "Ah, what at you a beautiful yablonka". These words are prompted invited what to bring with themselves on a wedding ceremony, in this case - the sapling which was pleasant to future newlyweds of a yablonka. Another invited they can tell, for example: "What temperamental at you жеребёночек". It means that invited it is not necessary to think what gift to present to young people, he will present to them a foal and so on.

During a wedding ceremony newlyweds as if taking the greatest examination of life before the relatives and friends, will tell about the project of the estate created by them, specifying in details where that has to be. Having finished the story, they give a sign, and the gathered relatives and friends precisely in specified getting married the place will place the live gifts. Newlyweds will watch tremblingly great joint action of their immediate family and friends. Then, already married, felt great inspiration and emotional lift of young people will take away everyone to the parental house where they will sleep two nights. During this time relatives from the groom and the bride will transfer in parts in advance prepared structures. At dawn of day of the second he and she will hurry to just created family estate on the first appointment already as the husband and the wife. What will happen to them in the new house filled only with positive emotions and unprecedented inspired energy of love to each other and to just created love space cannot be described.

What would be if such newlyweds of primary sources would be told that there will come time when the wedding takes place absolutely in a different way. Two young people will come to a certain building, will undersign for some magazine and will ride someone else's car decorated with tapes on the city which does not belong to them and will never belong. Then together with the invited guests they will sit down at a table at some restaurant and will eat the food cooked not by their hands and not hands of their relatives, to drink vodka, and already become tipsy guests and relatives will shout them "very bitterly", demanding that they publicly kissed with each other. And all. The so-called marriage bed and any pleasant consequences is farther from the event, and besides total absence of space which energy of love could fill.

"It cannot be! Never can be! - newlyweds of primary sources will tell. - The person a reasonable being, but not a mad animal that here so, in a germ to destroy yet not strengthened love".

So who actually goes crazy? To judge to you, dear readers.

Answering a question why the love leaves, one may say, that to most of modern newlyweds the true full-fledged love simply does not come because there is no suitable space for it.

What is love? This feeling, is the great energy, capable to inspire the person to creativity, increasing physical, spiritual powers and abilities. It is reasonable energy, it fills with itself space in which there are two people in love, creating for them a whole - love space. And now you watch what occurs. Newlyweds come to the REGISTRY OFFICE to make marriage registration. The room of the REGISTRY OFFICE is not their space, but only a temporary residence, besides in the same room there are also divorce proceedings. And reasonable energy of love cannot fill with itself similar space.

Driving on the car, is frequent on the stranger, too for energy of love does not approach Fill with itself the modern apartment it cannot too. Energy of love cannot caress the heartless dying objects, and in the modern apartment, even very new, every moment everything grows old and collapses, nothing in it revives, and energy of love with similar destruction cannot be reconciled, cannot approve a similar situation, being in it.

Energy of love requires the live space equipped with people, in this case the specific people who felt an inclination to each other. Another is not given. The proof to that is a set of century divorce proceedings worldwide.

The question of why the love leaves, deserves comprehensive investigations, and I plan to devote it the following book in which I will tell about the ancient country where people knew the mystery of ultimate love. Present relation to love really antirazumno.



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